Jul 5, 2011

Naruto 546 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

Naruto 546
Naruto 546 Prediction Spoiler is here!
Naruto 546 : Madara vs Naruto - A Test of Power

Naruto 546 : Confirmed Spoilers  Naruto 546 : Predictions
Naruto 546 : Spoilers Naruto 546: Raw Scans
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Naruto 546
Naruto vs Madara: Test of Power
Verification: Prediction  Spoiler
Credits : apocalypz

Naruto's clone is standing a top Garahiro focusing his natural energy. Bee is fighting aswarm of Zetzu's beneath-

Naruto: " Bee once we're done here we will meet up at HQ."
Bee: "Alright glowbro, Let me finish this toe to toe and i'll be there yo."

Switch Scenes

A dashing figure is seem flashing through out barracks-

Naruto: " I believe that is the rest of them."
He sighs and turns his sights toward an approaching Madara.

Madara glares his fiery eyes at Naruto-
Madara:Chuckling-"So it seems Kisame was correct. You have been awarded some promising abilities. To sense one's evil intent...Even with all that strength Naruto, it still will not be enough."

Naruto: "I will make it enough, I have not come this far to fail now! All there is to it is to defeat you!"

Madara-Thinking to himself:"This could be the perfect time to test his strength against my own."

Naruto flashes ahead to punch Madara in the face, Madara phases away one sixty to dodge his attack.

Madara:"You are very fast but even Kisame overrated your spe....!!"

Without finishing his statement a clone smashes into Madara's back with a huge rasengan.


The two Narutos' flash throwing rasenshurikens at Madara as he lay kneeled down.


Madara's eye's widen, Madara repels the two Rasenshuriken's right as they are about to land.

Naruto is shocked at his resilience. Naruto forms six rasengans around his cloak. Naruto darts toward the now standing Madara. Six long arms reach out of his cloak slinging in a curve the glowing rasengans toward Madara.

Madara:"CHILDISH!" Madara circulates himself with loud screeching winds.
As he stands to guard himself with his jutsu the rasengans approach with rapid speed. The first one implodes without notice right in front of Madara's sternum. His sphere of harsh winds stops spinning. As the remaining few are a millisecond from hitting, Madara warps away without a trace.

Naruto searches the scene cautiously as he prepares himself for a attack.
Madara is no where to be found. Naruto tries to pick up his twisted mind. Naruto:"This can not be this extent of his ability."

A voice is heard-Madara: HaHaHa IT ISN'T BOY! IS THIS THE EXTENT OF YOUR POWER????!!"

Madara phases back into view. He is shown will little damage. Naruto is shocked at his appearance. Naruto:"So it's true, you are immortal.."

Madara: "I am more than just the word nine tails. I am the ultimate existence!" "There is no greater power known and I will show you." As he concludes the land under Naruto is shaking.

Naruto:"OH REALLY! IT WON"T BE SO EASY!" Naruto attempts to run away from Madara. Madara takes out his fan and swings. Madara: "Firestorm!" A huge wild fire as wide as about 100 feet is seen racing behind the glimmering Naruto. Naruto stops and turns toward the towering flames. His eyes flicker yellow with a slanted pupil. Naruto hurls a huge rasenshuriken toward the gloating Madara. The fire clears as it hits the spinning pool of chakra. Leaving a safe trail for Naruto to get through. Madara springs up from the earth nine huge domino like slabs of rock in front of him. The rasenshuriken hits crushing the rocks one by one. Madara slings forward the last slab in front of him to cripple the decreasing power of the rasenshuriken. Naruto now sneaks in at the side of Madara and launches a mighty kick. Madara surrounds himself in thick raiton armor. Naruto:!?!?!, He takes Naruto's kick and grab's him by the throat.

Madara starts sucking in Naruto. Madara: "YOU'RE MINE! I WILL HAVE YOU AND SUCCEED WHERE I FAILED 16 YEARS AGO!" Naruto: "RASENGAN RIOT!!!!" Madara is thrown back into field. Naruto;"You came into my home!,You killed my parents!, You took my friend! and now you want to take the one thing that doubts me most! NAH! NOT HAPPENING! I HAVE A PROMISE TO KEEP!"

Madara: "You are such a fool, just like your father. To be able to even touch me! You have developed some useful jutsu UZUMAKI!"

Madara is badly hurt, he has serious wounds all over.
Naruto runs toward Madara holding his hand in a sign.

Naruto:"Tajuu Kagebushin no jutsu!" Clones form in a running boomerang toward Madara. Naruto:"MINI RASENSHURIKENS!" The clones dash out around Madara shooting out mutilple mini-RS. Madara: "ShinraTensei!!!!"
Madara is shown standing tall with no harm inflicted by Naruto's storm of mini-RS's.

Madara warps behind Naruto to stab him with a kunai. Naruto stands perfectly still. As the imminent blade is about to slash Naruto three arms rush out from Naruto's cloak slashing Madara's chest plate deeply. Naruto:"RASENGAN VACCUM!!!" Madara is sucked into the fray of Naruto's attack. With a loud explosion the rasengan dissipates. The explosion is heard across the land. The smoke starts to settle as Naruto looks on. Naruto:"......" The smoke clears and in the view of Naruto's red piercing eyes stand six figures. Naruto:"gasp!"

Madara: "We will continue this another time UZUMAKI!...In my stead will be Sasuke. That stage will present a most entertaining show."

As Naruto heads toward the former hosts his rikkudo cloak vanishes.

Roshi:"Looks like it is time to come with us nine tails."

Naruto slows down holding the back of his head grinning toward the group.
He bows down and starts to speak. Naruto:"Sorry guys, but it looks like I am going to have to beat some sense into your asses!" Naruto raises his head, his eyes are focused brilliantly toward his enemies. Naruto looks ahead in Sage mode revealing little chance of letting up.

Scene Switches-

Bee and Naruto are seen heading through a forrest toward HQ. RSM Naruto clone:"Bee!" RSM Naruto clone pops with a cloud of smoke. Bee:"He's in trouble, gotta find him on the double!" Out of the blue a frail voice is heard. Nagato:"Maybe we can help." Nagato walks at his side is Itachi.


Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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