Jul 5, 2011

Fortville Singapore Apartments - The latest news

I've heard a lot of things coming up in Fortville Apartments Singapore.

My friend told me that the renovation of all the apartments are finished already!  And they have even installed 14 CCTV cameras to secure the building.

They have also finished doing their new Management Office.  He only told me that the new office is now more spacious, a lot bigger than the old cramp office.

Fortville Singapore has also made a "lounge".  Inside it doesn't look like an office so tt must be a lounge for the residents and guests as it has two big glass doors.  I dont know what's inside but a big corner sofa can be seen inside.

They have also released all the apartments for rental.

These are good news indeed.  But there is always this "however" thing.

I heard a not so good news about Fortville Singapore.  My friend told me that they have increased their rental rates effective July 01, 2011.   All the rental rates have been increased by at least S$200.  For your reference, please see the list of new prices below:

Studio A
- rental per month is now S$3,400 (was S$3,200 before July 2011)

Studio B
- rental per month remains at S$3,200

Studio C
- rental per month is now S$3,700 (was S$3,500 before July 2011)

- rental per month is now S$3,900 (was S$3,700 before July 2011)

1-Bedroom plus 1-Study
- rental per month is now S$4,400 (was S$4,000 only before July 2011)

- rental per month is now S$5,500 (was S$5,000 only before July 2011)

One good thing though is that they have released a new apartment type - a Studio Loft.  It's still a 1-bedroom type of a studio.  And the best thing about this one is that it's at the 15th floor!  Its actually a penthouse!  The view they say is very outstanding.  Its great and amazing!  At the price of S$3,500 per month with all the things included, its really a steal.

...fully furnished, fully airconditioned, trice a week housekeeping, free internet, free cable tv, free landline phone... Fortville Singapore is really awesome!

The bad side about the Studio Loft is that they only have 4 units of these.  Oh my..... Why can just they make a lot of these?!

Anyway, as soon as I am able to get hold of the floor plan, I will surely publish it here.

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