Jun 1, 2011

Screen Shots for References - June 2011

Photobucket, ImageShack and TinyPic are behaving unlikely lately.  So I am putting this page in this blog for me to put in some screenshots and photos that I would need to publish or link to other sites.  I have been wanting to do this, but I got no time to start it.  :D So I guess now is the time.

photo error message Naruto Manga One Piece Bleach Cebu Pacific Promo Airphil Express Promo blogging guides SEO manga spoilers
Samples of the errors on hosted photos

If by chance you wanted to publish the same screenshots into your website or somewhere else, feel free to do so.  But in return, I must ask that you to have the courtesy to at least link the source to this page or mention my blog.

I believe this Stock Photo Pages would come in very to me me for my personal use... or to "us" for that matter. :-)

Ok, let's get this started.

DBS MoneySend Remittance Singapore to Philippines Cheap Remittance online Cheap online transfers
DBS MoneySend
Screen Shot.
For the FAQs, click here.
(as of 06.June.2011)

Here is a screenshot on the first page of an IPA letter from Ministry of Manpower - Singapore, just the portion only stating its validity.  IPA by the way means In Principle Approval.

Screen Shot IPA Singapore In Principle Approval MOM  Singapore Jobs in Singapore Fortville Singapore
IPA Letter (1st page)
Screen Shot

I am very happy to have received a Google PR2 today.  Here is one screenshot on a cross-check that I made separately.  I just hope this gets going and going....
Google PageRank Algo Changes PR2 Websites JackDi.com
My Google PageRank courtesy of PRChecker.info

Below is a screenshot of Singapore's gradual increase in the Foreign Workers' Levy from July 2011 to July 2013.
FWL Rates Singapore Foreign Workers' Levy in Singapore Increase until July 2013
Singapore Foreign Workers' Levy changes until July 2013
as per MOM Press Release dated Feb.21, 2011

As mentioned above, if you'd like to use these images, feel free to do so.  Thank you.

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