Jun 28, 2011

One Piece 630 CONFIRMED Spoiler (title: Going on Rampage)

One Piece 630
One Piece 630 : Going on Rampage

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One Piece 630 : Going on Rampage
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler
Credits :  Edward Newgate

CoverStory vol.15 Logue Town 
(The sword merchant who gave Zoro the katana is putting up a poster of Zoro in the bathing room)

Dosun has been captured by Fukaboshi. 
Due to heavy injury he recieved from fighting Fukaboshi, his "-dosun" speech is powerd down to "-kotsun" lol
Fukaboshi and others head to the square. Dosun's speech patterns change depending on how much power he has left.

A New Fishman Pirate throws a ES pill in Dosun's mouth

At first he was speaking with the residents weakly, but his speech pattern starts changing
kotsun -> potsun -> tosun -> dosun -> dokan 
He then rips apart the chain holding him with "-bokan", then "zugaan!"
He destroys a house with the hammer he had. 
Dosun heads to the square as well

In front of the Fishman Cultural Center, a drunken Hyozou is seen
When drunk, Hyozo slashes people up with no discrimination, and slices up many NFP crew that came to sober him
"Aw... yah.... imma lice up neuyun's hamily" (Oh yeah... I'm gonna go slice up Neptune's family!)
"nawaiamgnnagosheeemin(incoherent babbling continues)"
New Fishman Pirates: I can't understand a lick of what he's saying!!

Marine Shopping Mall 
Zeo is fighting with the residents. They can't tell where Zeo is attacking from 
Zeo: What can you possibly do now... it's meaningless. If there's any hope for you left, it's the Neptune brothers... but they will be dead soon enough.
The fishmen can't find Zeo, so they look for him. They find somethign that looks like a roach, and they smash it to bits
Zeo's voice stops. Zeo, apparently invisible to them, was taking all the abuse (to the roach) LOL. He's all beat up.
Zeo starts talking like nothing happened (He calls himself a nobility of Fishmen)
He heads to the square

Fukaboshi holds a meeting while headig to the square. He doesn't feel enimity from the Straw Hat pirates. 

Gyoverly Hills
A Sea monster, "Sea Bear" attacks the palace soldiers, and they are near death
The pirates use fire to put an end to them
Ikarosmuhhi sees the fire and screams! GYAAAA!!!! he bends his body over in terror
He tells them to put out the fire, and the pirates asks him what about the flame is bothering him
Ikaros: You're gonna barbecue me to a Surume (grilled Squid)....
NFP: No we won't, you idiot!
Ikaros: If you planned to make me a booze munchie.... be warned, I'll take your life
NFP: Never even thought about it, you idiot!

Apparently Ikaros is traumatized by a King-squid friend who got too close to the sun, and became a giant surume. 
He stabs one of his men with his grilled squid spear. 
(The spears are grilled squids who sucks out all the water out of its victim, in attempt to revert back to a living squid)
He looks up, and sees Hodi & others riding a sea monster. (King Neptune is with him)

He asks what's wrong with Hodi
Hodi keeps taking pills to ease the pain he recieved from Zoro, and the side effects of the pills are starting to bring tremendous pain to Hodi, nearly tearing him apart
He screams out in pain, and it frightens the Sea Bear and other sea monsters. 
Hodi gets up... (you only see his arm in the panel)

End of chapter

This should have been named Chapter 630: New Fishmen Pirates are Idiots

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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