Jun 22, 2011

Naruto 544 CONFIRMED Spoilers (title: The Two Suns)

Naruto 544
At last, Naruto 544 Confirmed Spoiler is here!  Read up guys!
Naruto 544 : The Two Suns

Naruto 544 : Confirmed Spoilers  Naruto 545 : Predictions
Naruto 544 : Spoilers Naruto 544 : Raw Scans
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Naruto 544
Naruto 544 : Confirmed Spoilers  Naruto 545 : Predictions
Naruto 544 : Spoilers Naruto 544 : Raw Scans
Naruto 544 : The Two Suns!!
Verification : Confirmed
Credits: Uchihasage

Raikage: You are a special person to me... I did indeed say... That we were the strongest tag team... Are you telling me that just those words... That just those words allowed you to become so strong?
Bee: I don't exist just for our village or our country! I exist also for you, brother. But if brother were to try and protect me, that'd be just too worrisome ♪ Every time, losing faith in my strength ♪ If I become a Jinchuuriki, I'd lose a lot of things and that made my heart sad ♪ But that's precisely why the things I don't want to lose shine so bring to me and make my heart sparkle ♪ The fact that I'm a bijuu isn't the only reason for my strength, Okay!? If the things in me even before the bijuu was put in me were to shine, they'd shine as bright as the sun, it's important to realize that ♪ And therein lies my strength, that's roughly what I've realized ♪ And that's exactly why I'm confident I'm the only one capable of controlling the eight tails ♪ In Naruto too, exists that sun ♪ And to top it off there're two of them and that's innovative ♪

Raikage: ...!?
Tsunade: ...?
Naruto: ... That's right... It might indeed look like a sun
Raikage: Uzumaki Naruto... What are these two suns within you?
Naruto: My dad and my mum!!

Raikage: Your father and mother... The Fourth Hokage and Uzumaki Kushina? ... But I'm certain that they passed away as soon as you were born
Tsunade (He said it was when he was learning to control the Kyuubi's chakra... And also when Naruto turned into the kyuubi during the war against Pain, the jutsu on the seal came into play and Minato appeared and helped him... I did think he wouldn't be a man who'd die just like that!)
Naruto: When I attained the power of the Kyuubi, I was able to meet Dad and Mum! There was some chakra inserted so that when I opened the seal of the Kyuubi, I would be able to meet Mum. They did that for me!
Raikage (The Fourth Hokage had learnt the special sealing techniques of the Uzumaki Clan... Plus Kushina's strong chakra and life force... He might not be lying after all...)
Tsunade (I knew it!)
Naruto: When I received this power, Mum told me everything. Dad once fought against that same masked man... And there were two things he was sure of back then. The first was that... This masked man would definitely bring calamity, that's what he said. And the second thing was that it would be me, having controlled the Kyuubi's power as a jinchuuriki, that would stop that from happening.
Raikage (A masked man... That must be Madara... So that Kyuubi incident in Konoha was indeed Madara's doing after all...)
Tsunade (So Minato sealed the kyuubi in Naruto, and even left the key to open that seal, all for this purpose! Indeed, he was not someone who would do things without reason... In other words, he had determined that this masked man... That Madara was a great threat. An enemy who could not be defeated unless it was by someone who had the Kyuubi's power under his control... And that's why he put it in Naruto...!)
Raikage: So you're saying that Minato... Left everything to you? And that he himself wasn't the savior...
Naruto: I don't know if Dad ever thought of himself as the savior or not, but my Master told me that Dad was to be the Promised Child... The savior
Raikage: Do you remember what you just said? That savior, Minato has died... Are you saying that it was not a failure?
Bee: ...
Naruto: ... It is true that Dad died... He protected Konoha from that enemy and from the Kyuubi along with Mum! He protected me! ... It was just for a moment... But in that short time, they gave me something... Something truly great. They made me believe that I can do this!! Even the savior has left this to me!!
Raikage: ...
Tsunade: Raikage! If you kill Naruto to delay the plans of the enemy, the Kyuubi will definitely be taken this time! And then the world will surely end! It's because he's Naruto that he's able to control the Kyuubi! It's exactly as Minato believed! If you let Naruto go, you would in turn be protecting everyone, all the shinobi!! I'm willing to place my bets on Naruto!!! And you!?
Bee: Me too, idiot! Bastard! I'm an idiot just as Brother said I was ♪ And Naruto who's here right now is an idiot too, what a nuisance ♪ But there's no doubt that it'd take a fool who doesn't consider the strength and size of the barrier to accomplish this task, yahoo ♪
Raikage: ...
Raikage suddenly tackles Bee, Bee is sent flying
Bee: Guah!!
Raikage is clad in thunder
Bee (He's in his maximum state!! DOes he really mean to kill Naruto? This was unexpected!)
tsunade: He's still the same naughty child as before! This time I will participate in this fight!
Naruto (I won't let you get Granny involved in this!)
Naruto gets far away from Tsunade
Super Raikage: Here we go, Naruto!
Naruto: I have lots of things entrusted to me so---

Super Naruto is about to land a punch on Naruto's face but just before it happens, Naruto evades

Naruto: I won't fail!!
Raikage: ...
Bee: (He evaded it...!? Idiot, bastard, This is really...)
Tsunade: (... He's just like the Yellow Flash!!)

Naruto: Just as Grandpa Raikage said, if one fails, one ain't the savior. That's why I'm not going to fail. That's what my dad decided! I'm learning from my dad, the savior!!!
Raikage: ... I wanted to confirm it for myself... So I attacked with the intent to kill... You are the second person to be able to evade my fastest punch
Naruto: ...!
Raikage: It seems the savior lives after all... Inside of you, that is... Now go...
Naruto, with the morning sun behind him: Yeah!!

Shikaku: This is our only choice after all...! According to this data, when in Kyuubi chakra mode, Naruto is able to sense the enemy's malice... With this, he should be able to see right through the transformations of those white things! Besides, since Naruto is able to do kage bunshin, we can send the various bunshins to each battlefield. If we take any more time than this, it may reach a point where it's too late to recover from this...! But the problem is...
Raikage's secretary: You're putting the cart before the horse... In the first place, I can't imagine that the Raikage would approve of that!
Shikaku: ... I expected as much...
Katsuyu: Umm~~~ That may not be the case after all...

The sun rises
Madara: Dawn breaks on even the longest of nights... They've probably grown accustomed to their eyes about now... The new Pain made from the jinchuuriki... Though I changed them a little to my liking...

From the right: 4 tails, 3 tails, 7 tails, 2 tails, 6 tails, 5 tails.
Each have rinnegan in their right sockets and sharingan in their left sockets.

He's equipped the jinchuuriki with sharingan and rinnegan...!! The curtain rises on the second day of war!!!

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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