Jun 14, 2011

Naruto 543 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

Naruto 543
Naruto 543 Confirmed Spoiler is here!  Read it now!
Naruto 543 : Raikage Continues His Flashback

Naruto 543 : Confirmed Spoilers  Naruto 543 : Predictions
Naruto 543 : Spoilers Naruto 543 : Raw Scans
Naruto 543 Confirmed Spoilers, Naruto 544 Predictions, 544 Spoilers, Raws Manga 543, Naruto Confirmed Spoilers 544
Naruto 543
Naruto 543 : Confirmed Spoilers Naruto 543 : Predictions
Naruto 543 : Spoilers Naruto 543 : Raw Scans


Naruto 543 : Raikage Continues His Flashback!
Verification : Confirmed
Credits: Ohana

SA, Minato Keru only. 

I sit on the fence on the fly which kunai Minato agent. 
Minato fly. The winged place, behind the movie. 
Minato moment off the octopus. I've written a flying octopus and surgical procedures. 

Naruto fly to link from here. 
Naruto would still be parked 
They are also blocked by the attacking agent and Bee Lariat. 

Bee VS Naruto Shadow Lightning 
Agent says they will help me to Tsunade 
Tsunade, draw oneself in front of the agent. 
Tsunade Naruto is determined to let go. 

Bee VS Raikage 
Before they were dead now, the Raikage 
The agents do not open the story lead to cloud lightning Bee Gorge. 

Agent Lariat 
Bee Lariat 
The agent is blown 

♪ Bee is the only pillar of strength is not about power 
Preaching in Biraimu. 
Recall that agents in the fall of truth.

Naruto 543 Confirmed Spoilers, Naruto 544 Predictions, 544 Spoilers, Raws Manga 543, Naruto Confirmed Spoilers 544

Naruto 543 : What the Hell!
Credits : Jericho Uzumaki
Verification : Spoiler/Prediction

Naruto, “Protect me?!”

Itachi, “yes, the Uchiha were the protectors of the peace, the younger brother. At first the we had gotten beyond the rivalry of the original Sage children, but eventually it stirred up again.”

Nagato, “which brings It to the Uchiha and Senju. The Senju were part of a whole. The younger sibling fathered two major descendents, the Uzumaki and the Senju. Which is why the two are so closely related and so similar in potential ability.”

Naruto, “so why is there another half of the Uchiha or something?”

Itachi, “the other half of the direct descendents of the older brother are the Hyuuga. At some point they realized that tranquility will make the I droughts not mature to a Sharinghan. At that point they took the proper measures to make sure that that level of dugouts never matured any further.”

Bee, “you mean they keep it in the clan , to keep it away form the man?”

Nagato, “The Uchiha, mixed with different clans and families which is why NOT all Uchiha can or will awaken a Sharinghan much les a Mangekeyo Sharinghan.”

Naruto, “wait , how does any of this help me now? Why did you stop me form unlocking this scroll?”

Nagato, “cause now is not the time, you have something very important to do, you questions can wait til after you keep your promises, don’t you think?”

Naruto looks at the scroll, then throws it in the air and make several signs and it disappears.

Iruk is with the Kages still.

Tsunade, “that is all he said? That Naruto, well I really don’t think there is any stopping him now.”

Raikage, “what?! He was out of his mind in the forest, thinking he could stop this war by himself!”

Tsunade, “what secret does he know about?”

Raikage looks at Tsunade but says nothing.

“Iruka, I called you here for this reason, I want to know what the Raikage knows.”

Iruka steps back, “but Lady Hokage, it has been a long time since I have done that jutsu, no tsense I was injured and…”

Tsuande, “did I not clear you for full active chunin status? Also that jutsu comes natural to you, you were so talented that before the inury you had your choice of interrogation squad or ANBU, am I right?”

Iruak, “yes ma’am but..”

Raikage, “what fool plan do u have Tsunade, I am the leader of this Alliance, the head Kage!”

Tsuande, “NO you are the head general in this war, Not the leader of all the villages. If you have a secret that could end this we must know now!”

Iruka, “guess that’s my cue, first. Secret jutsu blind eye!”
The sensors in the room look around as if searching.

Sensor, “what where did they go? I can’t sense them r see them anywhere?”

Shika, “hmmm, Iruka walked in now minutes later they are off the radar of the sensors? I remember that technique, Iruka. I also know the one after it, be careful young friend.”

Iruka is standing in between both of them, “secret juts meeting of the minds!”

The Raikage and Tsunade both freeze and there eyes get big and empty of color. Iruka is standing with his hand together. Both of his eyes are filled with many different images.

Bee, “say what?! That’s my brother , you must be talking bout another1”

Naruto, “no the Fox showed me, for centuries the fox has been full of anger because the part of him with out hatred has been kept locked away, underneath the cloud village.”

Tsuande, “how reached of a village would do such a thing?!”

Iruka is kneeling on the floor as if exhausted.

Raikage, “ It was not my doing Hokage, I am merely the one who inherited it.”

Tsunade, “Naruto was right, you could have prevented all of this. How could you do it how could you keep…”

Naruto “ The fox’s heart is sealed under the Cloud Village!”

Suddenly Naruto goes fox eyes, “After we are divide into 9 separate entities the longer we existed the more we became real, we all have hearts and flesh an blood, when we exist outside of a body, while we are inside is when we are just chakra.”

Naruto returns, “8 tails still as a heart that is why Bee was able to get thru to him. Long as the Heart of the fox is there there is no way he will cooperate with me.”

Bee, “but how could my bro have stepped in an been a hero?”

Tsunade to Raikage, “Every Kage has the one time choice to release the heart so it cango back to the fox. But every single one of you chose not to, why?”

Iruka coughing, “power, if they let the Fox get his heart back, all his power will be complete and IF he is inside a jinchurikki that ninja will then completely bond with it becoming more powerful than any jinchurikki or kage ever known , even the 1st Hokage and Madara Uchiha combined.”

Raikage, “you are right. I didn’t want Konoha to have that power, none of the Kage’s before me wanted you to have that power!”

Back to Naruto and the Others.

Itachi, “it is true and a bonded Biju cannot be controlled by outside forces, their chakra and mind is to intertwined with the host. This war would not be happening if the current Raikage released the Heart, cause no way anyone could pull the fox from you Naruto. You would be bonded forever.”

“Bonds? You still talking about bonds Loser?”

They all turn to see Sasuke standing with bandages over his eyes and Zetsu with him.

Sasuke, “I must be hearing things, get these bandages off of me my eyes feel fine.

Suddenly A hand is placed over his bandages.

Kabuto, “not just yet, I want to savor this moment. A reunion to last all time. Is everyone ready?”

Naruto & company are prepared to fight.

Sasuke rips the bandages off.

Sasuke, “Hmm, 8 tails, Naruto...{his vision is a little blurry, but it clears up when he focuses on Itachi} Itachi?!”

Kabuto smiles, while Zetsu retreats into the ground.

Sasuke, “Naruto, your too stupid to master Genjutsu, 8 tails you wouldn’t know my brother, I don’t kno who you are crippled old man!”

He looks at Kabuto, “you! Orochimauru did this with the 1st an d2nd Hokages, now you used on my brother?!”

Itachi, “you will all burn!!!”

Itachi whispers, “:Oh Sasuke.”

Naruto looks angry.

Sasuke starts to bleed form his Amaterasu eye. The EMS is a hazard chemical sign.

Naruto Shippunden Movie 4 is out.

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