Jun 27, 2011

JackDi.com is now PR2

I have read from a Cebu-based SEO forum today that the big G had a PR update.  I didn't mind at all.  This little blog of mine is too young to harness some PageRank powers, I said to myself.  

And so I just continued doing the usual thing, I had to make updates and publish a blog post about a current Cebu Pacific Promo.  After publishing it, I had to see my homepage if it displayed properly.

And there I saw!

I got a "2" in the upper right corner of my GoogleChrome!  That was my PR checker plugin.  My homepage JackDi.com registered a PR2!  From PR0 to PR2!  What a jump!

Oh my gosh!
I almost jumped out of my bed.

Wanna see it?  Here, just click on this image below for a larger view:
Google PR update JackDi.com PR1 PR2 PR3 links for sale ads space for rent Cebu Pacific Promo Naruto One Piece Bleach Spoilers Manga
JackDi.com is now PR2
This is fantastic.

I had it cross-checked with a PR Checker, see the results HERE.

I must have done a good job doing my d-i-y SEO.  He-he-he!  I must have done it correctly.  Oh yeah, I am a Jack of All Trade after all.  This is my first time doing it, and I received a nice price.

For me, being a newbie as I am, this is worth celebrating.  But its too early for that.  I need to do more SEO's, fresh and unique blog posts, back-linking, blog-commenting, and oh a lot more.  I need to maintain this PR2 level or take a little step higher.

Oopppsss!  Need to work..



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