May 25, 2011

One Piece 626 : Confirmed Spoiler (Title: Neptune Three Brothers)

One Piece 626 : Neptune Three Brothers

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One Piece 626 Spoilers
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Chapter 626: Neptune Three Brothers
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler
Credits : 2ch

Coverstory: Baratie Linked Dessert Ship "Sister Anko" (Patti is on it)
(Anko is sweet beans, used in Japanese desserts)

The paper Queen Otohime got was a sheet of petition with World Noble signatures
A petition approving friendship between humans and fishmen
All the citizens of FI now agrees with Otohime, and she has gathered more signatures than ever before, more than the box can hold
Her efforts has finally come to fruition

There is a legend of mermaid princess that's born once every several centuries, that can empathize with Sea Kings. Shirahoshi is one.
The prophecy says one day someone will appear before her that will lead her to use her power for the greater good, and bring a massive change to the world.
If used with sinister intent, her power could bring end of the world... or save thousands of people if used with love and compassion.

Otohime is concerned that she may lose control of her powers and the Sea Kings could go on rampage if she loses herself like last time.
She asks her sons to protect their sister with their lives as both warriors and brothers if the time comes.

Someone sets fire on the collected signatures.
As the soldiers put out the fire and tries to move the petition to safety, a gun shot is heard.
At first they don't' know what the sound was, but then they see Otohime being shot.
In the midst of chaos, Decken touches Shirahoshi (T corrected it, he originally said Otohime)
As Otohime lays there dying, she tells her sons no matter who the perpetrator is, don't allow themselves to be enraged for her sake.
Shirahoshi witnesses the incident, and almost loses control again.
To prevent her from crying, the two brothers (the younger two of the three) tries to cheer her up with dance and songs
Fukaboshi swears upon his mother to keep her promise, while weeping
Shirahoshi: We're almost there... we're almost under the real sun...!
Shirahoshi and the three prince vows to keep their promise, by locking their pinkies together
(yubikiri - a Japanese promise tradition)


(T says he couldn't tell who the assassin was at all)

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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