Apr 19, 2011

One Piece 622 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

One Piece 622
One Piece 622 confirmed spoiler is now available.
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One Piece 622 Confirmed Spoilers
One Piece 622 Predictions
One Piece 622 Spoilers
One Piece 622 Raw Scans

One Piece 622 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, 622 Spoilers, Raws Manga 623

One Piece 622
One Piece 622 Confirmed Spoilers
One Piece 622 Predictions
One Piece 622 Spoilers
One Piece 622 Raw Scans

Chapter 622: Pirates of Sun
Verification : Confirmed
Color cover: Strawhats making various things with blocks (legos?)

It seems before Tiger assaulted Mariejois, he consulted with Neptune
Neptune: What in the world did you witness in your latest adventure...!?
Tiger: I witnessed... human!!

Hodi gang, 15 years old, learns of the freeing of the slaves from newspaper, and cheers on

Meanwhile, Pirates of Sun and the Marines clash on the Grand Line
The marines demand they hand over the former slaves. Tiger asks them if they have proof.
Tiger decides to rob them of their belongings and food, shatter their will to fight back, and let them go.
But Arlong kills them calling it an execution

Meanwhile in Marineford... younger Vice Admiral Kizaru takes note of how troublesome the fishmen are
Inside the ship of Pirate of Sun, Tiger scolds Jinbe and Arlong
Tiger tells them to not kill human. He asks them if they want to lower themselves to their level
Tiger preaches that revenge isn't the answer, freeing the abused is the way.
He swears they will not kill anyone.
Arlong argues back, but is smacked down by Jinbe
Bounty of 230 million for Tiger and 76 million for Jinbe are placed upon.

Meanwhile, Queen Otohime is busy collecting signatures for petition to live in peace with humans.

Three years later, on an island...
A boy who ran away from Mariejois during Tiger's freeing of slaves (his name is Koala. Could be a girl) is on the island.
(aohige note: Koala talks in a girl's speech, so I'm sure it's a girl)
Her parents live far away from the island, and the inhabitants of this island can't take him there, so they ask the fishmen pirates.
They agree to it, but because she's a human, Arlong hits her.
Koala: I'm sorry! I'll work, I'll do anything, I'll clean without halt... so please, stop hitting me! I'm sorry!!
No matter what happens, I promise I won't cry... please don't kill me!!
Jinbe: Are you afraid of us?
It seems Koala lived the life of a slave long enough to act this way
Tiger takes her to a room, and overwrites the mark of slavery.
Koala faints from pain, but he wakes up right away.
Koala: I'm sorry I fainted!! But please don't kill me if I don't cry.. please!! I'll promise I won't cry no matter what!!
She forces a smile on her face as she says this, but Tiger stops her.
Tiger: Then you can CRY all you want!!! Don't take me the same as those trash (Tenryuubito)!!!
Watch.. we won't kill anyone.
Tiger throws his gun away into the sea
Tiger: Let's go, men... I'll make sure and bring her to her homeland!!
Koala finally sheds tears

end of chapter

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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