Apr 13, 2011

One Piece 621 Confirmed Spoilers Raw Scans Predictions

One Piece 621

One Piece 621 Confirmed Spoilers
One Piece 621 Predictions
One Piece 621 Spoilers
One Piece 621 Raw Scans

One Piece 621 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, 621 Spoilers, Raws Manga 622

One Piece 621
One Piece 621 Confirmed Spoilers
One Piece 621 Predictions
One Piece 621 Spoilers
One Piece 621 Raw Scans


One Piece 621: Otohime and Tiger
Verification : Confirmed
Coverstory From the Deck of the World vol.8: Usopp pirates have grown up a bit

Flashback to 16 years ago, Fishman Island
A burgler takes a hostage and runs, but Queen Otohime (mermaid of goldfish) dodges bullets and punches the burgler,
but bones in her hand breaks in pieces
Otohime's body is very fragile compared to others, but she's a good person.
She holds down the burgler, and punches him repeatedly while asking him "Do you think children raised using stolen money will be happy!?"
"But I'm sorry, I must apologize....! Although we live in the same nation, I couldn't understand how you felt...!" Otohime cries
The burgler who was slapped silly by Otohime has a change of heart

Otohime preaches daily to her people about coexisting with humans.
She asks for a petition to live together
King Neptune says the world Otohime dreams of is that which her ancesters tried, but failed, and therefore he cannot stop her.

However, people of her country as well as Jinbe says it's futile.
Otohime was born with Kenbunshoku (Color of Observation) haki
One day captain Arlong appears to try and take away the petition from the soldiers, but Jinbe stops him.
Jinbe was a soldier in the army
She says he's not interested in the petition form, but it's important to the Queen, and tells him to give it back

More to come.... (waiting on T, he's taking a break. He's still at work)

Otohime is the same as Aisa in Skypiea? Interesting.

One Piece 621Confirmed Spoiler
Verification : Confirmed

Arlong lets go the soldier as Jinbe told him.
Arlong calls him brother (aniki, older bro, somoene you look up to), but Jinbe calls Arlong trash, dirt, etc
As the Adventurer Fisher Tiger comes back from his adventure, Jinbe and Arlong both calls him brother Tai (aniki, again)
Tiger is greatly admired by the people of the island

Description of Fishman Town
The place was initially a massive orphanage.
But soon the place degenerated, and the management couldn't handle the place any more.
The outcasts of the Fishman Island started to take residence there, and the place became a lawless slum

Tiger grew up as a leader in Fishman Town, but eventually left the country to become an adventurer
The next brother in charge, Jinbe, became an elite soldier in the national guard
Arlong, who was the most violent one of the three, became a pirate and ravaged the nearby areas in the bottom of the sea
Macro the coward, although was a fishman, became a kidnapper.
Everyone went their ways..

But one impactful event changed all that. The assault on Mariejois.
Fisher became known as both a hero of slave liberation, and a terrible criminal
Those who looked up to him in the Fishman Town couldn't let Tiger die at the hands of World Government, all gathered under Tiger.

Jinbe: Today is the last day as a soldier, I quit!
Arlong: Let's go, men!!
And so The Pirates of the Sun was formed. To make no distinction between the former slaves and those who were not, the Sun Tatoo was imprinted on all of them to hide the mark of slavery.
The Sun pirates continued their voyage, sinking many marine ships in pursuit into the depth of ocean...

That's if for this week.

Even the most violent one, Arlong, had to stop Jinbe. That's how much Jinbe is enraged
Arlong: Hey hey, bro, that's enough!! He's already lost conciousness!!
JInbe: So enslaving one is legal, but freeing the slaves is a sin...!? Queen Otohime, do you still tell us to love humans after seeing this!?

Otohime is strong, but her body is weak. Slapping someone makes her bones break.

Be this a confirmed spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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