Mar 1, 2011

One Piece 617 Confirmed Spoiler, Predictions, Spoiler, Raws

One Piece 617
One Piece 617 Confirmed Spoilers
One Piece 617 Predictions
One Piece 617 Spoilers
One Piece 617 Raw Scans

One Piece 617 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, Spoilers, Raws Manga

One Piece 617
One Piece 617 Confirmed Spoilers
One Piece 617 Predictions
One Piece 617 Spoilers
One Piece 617 Raw Scans

One Piece 617 : Huge incident at Coral Hill
Status: Confirmed
Source: AP
Credit: mymangaspoilers

Coverstory is Koushiro in front of Kuina's grave, reporting to her (about the Strawhats & Zoro, I presume)
Apparently there's an easter egg hidden secret in volume 61 cover

Neptune begs in tears to let him chase after Decken
Nami sees Arlong's tatoo on Hodi's arm, and looks annoyed
Hodi destroys the island without the use of ES, and sea water gushes into the palace
Hodi attacks with Yabusame (shoot out water as arrows)
He randomly attacks the soldiers
The King stands in front of everyone as shield

Zoro and Hodi fight starts
Zoro uses a new one-sword move (Sorry, can't read. made-up word, need furigana to see what Oda made up here lol), but Hodi uses one of his own men as shield to block
Zoro tells Usopp to cut the ropes of the detained
Zoro: The negotiations with this country is over!! We couldn't keep the promise that we'll let go all of them in safety!!
Minister comments on how honorable he is
Hodi demands New Fishmen Pirates to attack, but Usopp uses his new move on them
Green Star Rafflesia. Foul stench.

Nami's nowhere to be seen
Zoro cuts Neptune's chains, and asks him to help Brook and Usopp escape

Zoro vs Hodi starts in the water

Meanwhile, on the Coral Hill
Luffy meets up with Sanji & Chopper
Megalo is at his limits, and pukes out the princess
The whole country is now aware of Luffy's "kidnapping of the princess"
Chopper is telling Sanji the whole time not to look back, or his life is in danger lol

End. Battle's starting to heat up this week.

One Piece 617 : Fishman Island in an Uproar
Status: Prediction
By: blackleg sanji

PG 1

* Luffy:*looks at the sea forest*woow!! This place looks awsome!
* Shirahoshi:*peeping around*yes it is. Its better than I imagined Luffy-sama!! Thank you so much!!
* Luffy: shishishi, dont mention it weirdo.
* ???:hey Luffy!!
* Luffy:hm?

PG 2

* Luffy:oh hey Franky!!
* Franky:I found the Sunny and after Tom’s brother Den coats it, we can leave.
* Luffy:leave?! but we just got here?!

PG 3

* Jinbei:*walks towards them*I thought I heard your voice over here Luffy-kun
* Luffy:*gets excited*Jinbe!!
* Shirahoshi:oh my gosh, is that really Jinbei?
* Jinbei:*concerned*princess, what are you doing out the palace?

PG 4

* Luffy:*smiles wide*I snuck her out.
* Jinbei/Den: YOU DID WHAT?!

PG 5

* Jinbei: Luffy-kun, surely she told you why she was in that tower right?
* Luffy: yea, because of some van “deer” deacan guy i think. He threw an axe from out of nowhere but I said i would protect her no matter what comes flying.
* Den: but your just one human boy! Even you couldnt do that with a Don!
* Jinbei:dont worry Don-san. When Luffy-kun swears he will protect some one he means it.
* Franky:*looks up*hey whats that flying towards us?

PG 6

* everyone:huh?
* Vander Decken:*jumps off the corral as it still goes for Shirahoshi* Im here baby!!!
* Shirahoshi:*gasps*
* Franky:*shoots and destroys it*Rocket Launcher
* Den:whoa, that awsome! Woulve been better with a Don though im afraid.
* Franky:*smiles*somehow I knew you’d say that.

PG 7

* Vander Decken:*walks up*well,well,well. If it isnt Strawhat Luffy. Stop trying to steal my wife.
* Luffy:*looks at shirahoshi*wife?!
* Shirahoshi: *blushing*thats nowere near true Luffy-sama.
* Vander Decken:*gets irratated*sama?
* Vander Decken:she calls you “Luffy-Sama”?
* Everyone:hm?

PG 8

* rushes at him*what have you done to my bide, Strawhat?!
* Luffy*gets in fighting stance*

PG 9

In town

* Sanji:hey Chopper, you think the others have walked into fghts with those guys who messed of.?
* Chopper:probably

To be continued……


One Piece 617 : 400,000,000
Credits: Yountoryuu
Status : Prediction/Spoiler

Cover Page: Mayor of Orange town and an angry mob looking at a newspaper.

P. 1

Sanji: Are you feeling well?
Chopper: You're lucky these arrows aren't stuck so deep Hacchi!
Hatchan: Nyuu~ thank you reindeer-san. It still hurts, but your herbs really help.
Chopper: Glad to hear that, just take some rest.
Sanji: We need to go for the Forest of the Sea, take care Hatchan!
Chopper: SANJI!
Sanji: I just want to give the Mermaid Princess perverted looks.
Chopper: You never change do you!

P. 2

Den: It'll take about three days for your ship to be coated Franky.
Franky: I know, but try your fastest, please!
Den: I'll do it with a Don!
Luffy and Shirahoshi land next to the Sunny Go.
Megalo: Shaa Shaa!
Den: Princess Shirahoshi! You're out of the tower!
Franky: Strawhat-san, who is this gorgeous mermaid?
Luffy: I picked this boring mermaid from the palace.
Den/Franky: What?!
Shirahoshi: You know, Luffy. Its really free out here. I feel like I'm alive for the first time since a decade. I really want to thank you Luffy-sama.
Luffy smiles.

P. 3
Franky: Luffy, we'll be able to go to the New World in three days.
Den: Maybe sooner.
Luffy: Great!
Shirahoshi: Will you already be leaving us Luffy-sama?
Luffy: Don't you go crying, you little crybaby!
Den: Is this the 400,000,000 million pirate captain, the star of the war on the summit and the one who chimed the bell 16 times, the son of revolutionairy Dragon?
Franky: 400,000,000?
Luffy: Yosh! It went up again!
Shirahoshi: Are you criminal Luffy-sama?!
Luffy: Kinda -smiles-

P. 4

Zoro: Usopp, cover Keimi and Pappug, we're heading out~!
Usopp: Gotcha!
Keimi and Pappug are lead by Brook and Usopp as they head for the main corridor.
Usopp: Hissatsu: Shidi Demon!
Zoro: Santoryuu: Oni Giri!
Lots of villains fall to the ground and Zoro makes his way to Neptune.

P. 5

Neptune: We'll be in grave danger if you let me chained here!
Zoro: I know, come with me!
Zoro cuts through the chains and Neptune is released, just like his guards.
Nami: Keimi, let's go!
MotL: Pirate Hunter, help us, please.
Neptune: We must fight, we'll lose the royal crown if we don't!
Zoro: Cut the control or they'll cut of your head! Come with me king, you'll get you palace back.
Jones: Already leaving, how boring.

P. 6

Brook: Gavotte an Bond Avant!
Nami: Thunderlance Tempo!
All goons in their way are defeated and they're closing the main corridor.
Brook: Usopp-san and Zoro-san are trapped now! Why'd you do it?!
Nami: They'll be alright, we just can have Keimi-chan in the midst of all this fighting, the government might see her as a suspect. Same goes for Pappug.
Pappug: You guys...
Nami: It's alright, Usopp will be fine.
Brook: Zoro will defeat them, I'm sure.

P. 7

Jinbe: Shirahoshi?! Princess! What are you doing outside the castle?!
Shirahoshi: Jinbe-sama! I came here with... well...
Jinbe: Luffy-kun!
Luffy: Jinbe!
Franky: It's the ex-shichibukai!
Jinbe: Princess-sama, you need to get back to the castle! You're to vulnerable here!
Vander Decken comes flying in.
That's what I thought! I think.

P. 8

Luffy: Who's this four-legged freak?!
Den: He's Vander Decken IX! The most wanted criminal of all Fishman Island!
IX: I'm not here for you Strawhat, I'm here to claim my loved one, I guess.
Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama, help me!
Jinbe: Gyojin Karate: Hiken!
Vander Decken IX is blasted next to the grave of Queen Otohime.
Jinbe: You should leave this place.
Luffy: I just met you again!
Jinbe: You'll crush the grave of Queen Otohime! Luffy-san, I beg of you... Leave!
Shirahoshi: No! We won't leave! Luffy and I just made it here to see my mothers grave! You won't bud in!
Jinbe: Mermaid Princess... I apologize.
IX: But if you're willing too, you can leave at all times. In a nick of time there'll be five more graves to be dug.
Luffy: Are you challengin me?

P. 9

IX: That's what I might just be doing, I guess.
Luffy: You shall not claim Shirahoshi, you'll not destroy that precious grave and will not endanger Fishman Island anymore!
IX: Bahohohohohoho! We'll see.
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no... Ono! Stamp! Muchi! Pistol!
IX: It's not so hard to evade all those weak attacks.
Vander Decken IX throws the coral toward Shirahoshi.

P. 10

Luffy: Jet Pistol!
The coral shatters and Luffy guards Shirahoshi.
Luffy: Jet Bullet!
IX: What?!
Vander Decken is blown into the ground.
Luffy: Franky, take the others with the Sunny into town, escape this cemetary. I promise you, we'll come back Shirahoshi!
IX: She will not escape!
Luffy: Jet Stamp! Jet Bazooka! Jet Twin Pistol! Jet Rocket!
IX: Aaaarhgh!!
Luffy: She will escape. Just fight me, Vander Decken!

Be it a confirmed spoiler or a prediction, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge.

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