Mar 22, 2011

Naruto 533 Confirmed Spoiler, Prediction, Spoiler, Raw Scans

Naruto 533
Naruto 533 : Confirmed Spoilers
Naruto 533 : Predictions
Naruto 533 : Spoilers
Naruto 533 : Raw Scans

Naruto 533 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, 534 Spoilers, Raws Manga, Naruto Confirmed Spoilers

Naruto 533
Naruto 533 : Confirmed Spoilers
Naruto 533 : Predictions
Naruto 533 : Spoilers
Naruto 533 : Raw Scans


Naruto 533 : The promise 
Verification : Confirmed
Credits: Yagami1211 
Source: NF 

Shikamaru : Sh^t ! ( He dodged ) 

Asuma : Chouza ! ( it sounds like Chouza tanks Asuma’s fuuton ) 
Flashback Asuma : Oh yeah. I never actually told you who’s the king. I’ll tell you, come here. 
( Basically the king speech when Asuma died ) 
FB Asuma : Take care of my king. 

Shikamaru : Stop being a pussy, Chouji ! We’re not supposed to be brats that need to be protected anymore. It’s our turn, our duty to protect the king. Do you want Asuma’s child to die ? 
Ino : Shikamaru is right, Chouji. Why do you think we are wearing thoses earrings ? 
Chouji : Soaring Change ! 
I’m not sure what Chouza says, but it sounds like Chouji went butterfly without the pills. 
Shikamaru : Chouji ! 
Asuma : Yes, chouji ! I like your face, now.


Naruto 533 Spoiler Prediction
Verification : Prediction/Spoiler
Credits: mrsticky005

(The Flashback ends temporarily to show Madara looking at the other Rinnengan floating inside a strange tank of some sort.)

Madara (thought): The Rinnengan. The power of the Six Paths Sage...
Madara (thought): That bastard Kabuto thinks he can one up me?
Madara (thought): I'll show him not to mess with me, Madara Uchiha.
Madara reaches out to grab the Rinnengan.

The Flashback goes back to when Yahiko grabs Nagato's arm and
forces Nagato to kill Yahiko.
Konan: YAHIKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nagato is stunned silent.
Yahiko whispers to Nagato his last words.

Hanzo (thought): What a joke...and for second I was almost worried.
Hanzo (looking at Nagato): Kill him.
Nagato goes beserk and attacks with the Gedo Statue.
Danzo watches as the Foundation troops he sent get eliminated
Danzo (thought): That summon...could it be?
Nagato's fury continues
Danzo (thought): No point in staying to figure it out...
Danzo teleports away

Shows Nagato's cackling after eliminating Hanzo's men.  Konan is afraid for Nagato: ...  Shows that Yahiko is dead.  Shows Madara watching

Earlier Flashback of when Madara gave Nagato the Rinnengan

Nagato's Father: You're telling us...that these eyes can help us win the war?
Madara: More than that. You will also be able to fight against the 5 Great Shinobi Nations.
Nagato's Father: You possess the Sharingan. Aren't you from the Leaf?
Madara: Was. I broke ties with them.
Nagato's Mother: But to implant these eyes into a baby...our baby...
Madara: Do not fret. I know what I'm doing.
Madara narrates as it shows Nagato growing older with the Rinnengan:
When your son reaches your age he will be as powerful as the Six Sages.

The flashback ends. Shows Nagato and Konan at the entrance of the Flooded Caverns.

Madara: I had a feeling you would return
Konan: ...
Nagato: Teach me...all you know.
Madara: With pleasure

Hanzo is strategizing how to get rid of Nagato
Hanzo: The Rinnengan makes him a formidable foe.
Hanzo's elite guards are wiped out easily
Nagato stands before Hanzo.
Hanzo: You've come for my head I see?
Nagato: Your death will be a step towards peace.

(scene jumps forward to show Hanzo in a bloody mess)

Hanzo: *pant pant*
Nagato: Even the mighty Hanzo is powerless against these eyes.
Hanzo: Go ahead and kill me. I deserve it...just don't hurt my family.
Nagato: I'll grant them the same mercy you gave my friends.
Nagato throws a kunai at Hanzo that lands right next to his head
Hanzo sees that there is a paper bomb tag on it.
Nagato is already gone.

Nagato teleports to meet up with Madara outside Hanzo's fortress
Madara: That was quick.
Nagato: There's no time to waste.
Madara and Nagato walk away as Hanzo's fortress explodes.

Madara narrates as he remembers Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato and how Naruto was able to sway them away from him:
Naruto Uzumaki. You are a thorn in my side. But you will be dealt with.
The flashback ends to show the empty tank where the rinnengan was.
Madara: My great invention. It's a good thing it's remote controlled.
Shows the Black Half of Zetsu
Madara: Zetsu. Activate the Rinnengan.
Black Zetsu: Yes
Black Zetsu's eye turns to Rinnengan.
Meanwhile all the white Zetsu clones now possess Rinnengan.
Madara: Victory is within my grasp

The End of 533

Be this a confirmed spoiler or just a prediction, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge!

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