Mar 15, 2011

Naruto 532 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, Raw Scans

Naruto 532
Naruto 532 : Confirmed Spoilers
Naruto 532 : Predictions
Naruto 532 : Spoilers
Naruto 532 : Raw Scans

Naruto 532 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, Spoilers, Raws Manga, Naruto Confirmed Spoilers

Naruto 532
Naruto 532 : Confirmed Spoilers
Naruto 532 : Predictions
Naruto 532 : Spoilers
Naruto 532 : Raw Scans


Naruto 532 : Mifune Vs Hanzou, Final Round.
Credits: Yagami1211
Status: Confirmed

Mifune : You don't remember me, all right. But it seems you don't even remember our past fight.

Mifune's sword is destroyed.
Hanzou slash him and Mifune bleed from his head.

Hanzou : This is the poison of the Salamander. Of course, my weapon is poisoned too.
Mifune : Ugh
Hanzou : I'll tell you why people call me "Hanzou of the Salamander". As a souvenir you will take with you to hell.
In my village there is a black salamander that can create mortal toxical poison.

Mifune : !?

Hanzou : I was a child When it died. I embedded his poison bag. It's right here. ( Left side of his stomach ) so I can be immune to his poison.
And I can poison my surrounding just by breathing.

As I child I was scared so I stopped breathing with my mouth to prevent poisoning my surrounding.

Mifune : So why didn't you remove your mask ?

Hanzou : Because there is a risk. My mask is there to prevent me from breathing my own poison.
Mifune : ?

Hanzou : Think about it, if someone slash my inner poison bag, the poison would exit my body and there is a possibility that I would breath it.
If I breath all the poison, it would override my poison resistance and I would be render unable to move, creathig an opening.
And I can't allow this to happen. So I can fight people like you.

Mifune : People and swords are alike. But now it's ... over for me. Profound Sadness !

Hanzou : Let me tell you something. Do you know when people die ?
Mifune : ?

Hanzou : When they lose their beliefs.

That's why you were a pain. People judge from outward apparence. You may be defeated but
that's not because you were too soft.

That's because you were afraid of my name. Because you swore to prtect your friends. Thoses friends you used as shields.

Mifune : *panting*

Hanzou : Now, hero, I will name you. Tell me when you die, Tell me your NAME !

Mifune : *breathing heavily*

Hanzou : Let me hear it !

Mifune : Don't ever lay a hand on my samurai comrades.

Hanzou : Here's a counter poison medecine.

Mifune : ?

Hanzou : They say you can't judge one's belief by looking at people. I realized during battle.
It's been a long time I saw someone like you. Today, I let you live. It's not like you were going to die immediatly after, though.

Hanzou uses counter poison medecine on Mifune.

Hanzou : From on now, will you die with your beliefs ? Or will you throw them and live ?

Back to present.
Mifune : I wanted to make sure but ... did you really threw you beliefs ?
Hanzou : You can't judge that by looking at me.
Mifune : !

Hanzou : I'm immortal all right, but there is a way to stop me. I already explained it to you Mifune.
Use the opening to seal me. If you don't do it, you will ...

Samurai : Master Mifune ! The poison is ...

Mifune : I'm ok. I have resistance against this poison. But from on now it will be different.
Everyone back off, with me. Prepare the seal.

Hanzou prepare to use his blade.

Mifune : Look around you.

Hanzou : Mifune, I entrust my beliefs to you. ( Hanzou stabs himself with his blade ).

Samurai : Seppuku ?

Hanzou : This poison is the real deal.
You can't breath this even if your have resistance against it, be careful.

Kabuto : My order fuuda tag is faiding. Suicide ? Then I just have to control all their moves myself one by one.

Hanzou shivers and crumbles.

Mifune : So you didn't threw you beliefs after all.

Multiple ninjas performs a seal on Hanzou.

Kabuto : What the ? The tag stopped working.

Mifune : "Hero" was the name you gave me. I was able to see your beliefs with my own eyes. Well done, Hanzou-dono.

Shikamaru : Stop being a slowpoke, Chouji. Pull yourself together.
Ino : He's coming !
Asuma : Shikamaru ! Use Shadow Mimic on Chouji to capture me !
Shikamaru : That's what I'm planning. ( Kage Mane no Jutsu ! )

Shikamaru manage to capture Asuma by using Chouji's shadow.

Shikamaru : Now, Chouji !

Asuma : (Perfect !)

Chouji uses Partial Multi-Expansion Jutsu on his hand and goes for Asuma's head but stops his gigantic
fist just before hitting Asuma's face.

Asuma : What the HELL are you doing Chouji ?

Shikamaru : Chouji ! Come on !

Ino : Chouji ...

Chouji : I can't. I just can't. I'm unable to knock down and hit Asuma. I can't do that.

Asuma : Chouji ! ( Asuma roundhouse kick and blow off chouji )

Asuma : DODGE ! Fuuton : Fuujin no Jutsu ( Wind Style : Dust Blast Technique )

Over !


Naruto 532 : Ino-Shika-Chou VS Asuma
Status: Spoiler/Prediction
By: Ohana/ My Mangastream

More flashbacks from Hanzou and Mifune's past fight.
Hanzou commits seppuku(suicide)

Ino-Shika-Chou VS Asuma
Something about Chouji struggling to dodge his attacks and Shikamaru trying to think of a counterattack.


Naruto 532
Verifications: Prediction/Spoiler
Credits:  mrsticky005

Nagato: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh h
Konan: What *pant pant* is it doing to Nagato?
Madara: Sucking his chakra dry. The Ten Tails has no chakra of it's own.
Konan: Stop it! You'll kill him!!
Madara: That's up to Nagato.
Nagato: Arrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Madara (Thought): me the vast chakra power of the Uzumaki.
Nagato seems to sorta sense what Madara is saying
Nagato (Thought): This...this can't be all the chakra I have...
Madara stares at Nagato waiting for something to happen
Nagato looks at Madara and then looks at Konan. She's still in a genjutsu.
Nagato gets furious and bursts with a huge amount of chakra
Nagato: Uwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! !
Madara: That's more like it.
Nagato: Those who inflict pain should receive that same pain...
Nagato attacks Madara with the Gedo Statue. The Dragon Ghost appears.
Nagato: This is for hurting Konan, you scum!!!!
Madara dodges the Dragon Ghost several times
Nagato keeps at it, while adding in some wind style jutsu attacks
Konan sees the toll it's taking on Nagato and is afraid for him
Konan: Nagato...this is too much
Nagato: Uwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Madara: Not bad for your first time wielding the Ten Tails...WHAT?
Madara sees that the Dragon Ghost is about to attack
Madara: No time to teleport...
The Dragon Ghost passes through Madara and nothing happens
Nagato: It...did nothing.
Madara: That attack steals the soul of the opponent. However...
Madara: Such attacks are useless against me.
Nagato: What are you...!?
Madara: Incomplete....release.
Madara releases Konan and Nagato from controlling them
Madara: I think that's enough training for today. Your training with me ends when you can land a single hit on me. It won't be easy.
Konan: What makes you think we'll train with you!?
Nagato: ...
Madara: Until next time.

Yahiko is doing training drills with the Akatsuki. Nagato is tired.
Yahiko: Hey, Nagato! Stop slacking!
Nagato: *pant pant* Sorry, Yahiko.
Nagato looks over at Konan and gives her a look that says "keep quiet"
Yahiko: You know for a rinnengan can be pretty lame
Konan: Yahiko!!
Yahiko: Aw, I was only kidding around

Nagato continues to train using the Gedo Statue/Ten Tails against Madara.
Konan (thought): Madara Uchiha...his's unreal
Nagato is able to use all 6 elements against Madara...but they aren't at a very large degree and thus are not able to hit Madara Uchiha.
Madara: That's enough for today.
Nagato: *pant pant*
Madara: You improve quickly. You can summon
the Gedo Statue on your own.
Nagato: You said that this is only the empty body of the Ten Tails. Just how much power would the Gedo Statue have with the chakra of all nine tailed beasts put back into it?
Madara: At full can decimate one of the Five Great Shinobi Nations...
Madara: Instantly.
Nagato and Konan are both shocked to hear this: !?
Madara: However the seal on the ten tails is no joke. That's why it appears as it does. Right now you're simply wielding an animated corpse.
Nagato: ...
Madara: You better hurry back. Before Yahiko goes looking for you two.
Konan and Nagato leave the Flooded Cavern.

Foo is spying on them.
Foo (to Torune): They left the Cavern again.
I can't get close because of some powerful barrier.
But I can tell something fishy is going on here.
Torune (to Foo): I'll report this to Lord Danzo.

Danzo: Those two rain village ninja...they frequent those caverns?
Torune: Yes. We believe they are doing some kind of training.
Danzo: Yet they go out of their way to do so. Not only that but I find it hard to believe inexperience ninja like them wielded that barrier
Foo: Sir?

Danzo: Those two are supposed to be from the so called peaceful group "Akatsuki". Yet they seem to be meeting up with a third party in order to get stronger. That fool Sarutobi may support them but I don't trust them one bit. Hmm, what's this? You bring a message?

Sai Shaft: Yes, Lord Danzo. From Hanzo of the Hidden Rain.

Hanzo is talking to a cloaked figure
Hanzo: Why should I be concerned with such a ragtag group?
Cloaked Figure: Akatsuki quickly gains support. While you're losing it.
Hanzo: This isn't a democracy. The strongest ninja is leader. Me.
Cloaked Figure: You need more than brute power to lead.
Hanzo: Hmph. What garbage. I'll take care of these punks.
Cloaked Figure: It would be unwise to underestimate your opponent.
Hanzo: You don't scare me.
Cloaked Figure: You won't get any help from the Five Great Shinobi nations in eliminating Akatsuki. However you may be able to join forces with Danzo.
Hanzo: You really think this Yahiko character is that dangerous?
The Cloaked Figure is none other than Madara Uchiha
Madara: It's best you kill him while there's still a chance.

(Later Danzo is getting his troops ready to fight Akatsuki)
Danzo (thought): Hanzo wants to join forces to defeat the Akatsuki.
Yet there shouldn't be any reason he would need the help of the Foundation. In any case, I'll just borrow some of ANBU to test the water.

Hanzo organizes his troops
Hanzo: This is a top secret mission to protect the Rain Village from the imposing threat of Akatsuki. Do not be mislead by their claims for peace.
They are a bloodthirsty group that must be nipped in the bud!

Yahiko organizes Akatsuki
Yahiko: This is it. The time when we put down our arms to shake hands with the other side as a sign of peace. The time for war is ending.
Konan whispers to Nagato: Whatever happens...don't use that summon.
Nagato: ...

Madara sits on a tall tower of the Rain Village waiting for his plan to unfold.

The end of 532

Be this a prediction or a confirmed spoiler, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge it.

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