Feb 16, 2011

Naruto 528 : Spoilers - Predictions - Confirmed Spoiler - Raw Scans

Naruto 528
Naruto 528 Spoilers
Naruto 528 Predictions
Naruto 528 Confirmed Spoilers
Naruto 528 Raw Scans

Naruto 528 Spoilers Raws Manga

Naruto 528
Naruto 528 Spoilers
Naruto 528 Predictions
Naruto 528 Confirmed Spoilers
Naruto 528 Raw Scans


Naruto 528 Confirmed Spoiler
Credits: Ohana, saladesu 
Source: 2ch, MH 
Verification: confirmed 

No info on Hanta (TN: I’m sorry, is there a character called Hanta? I’m forgetful. I think she might be talking about HunterxHunter but I’m not sure). I have only browsed through (the magazine). 

Darui realizes that he can’t stay silent the whole time either. 
So he talks about various things. 
He remembers his convo with the Raikage. In that convo, the word "similarity" (ruiji) comes up. 
Joining them together he gets the word "Da-rui" (TN: "rui" means type). Right before he gets sucked into the gourd he keeps saying "Sorry, sorry" 
Instead of saying "darui" (TN: dull) repeatedly, he says "sorry" instead. 
Darui doesn’t get sucked into the gourd, he slashes at Ginkaku who then slams into Koukinjou. Darui steals the seven star sword and the gourd. 
Ginkaku gets sucked into the gourd. 
Kinkaku goes into a rage, and the chapter ends with him turning into Kyuubi-mode.


Naruto 528 : Naruto's Out
Status: Spoiler/Prediction
by: SuperNinja

Darui: "I better get focused on the fight, the less I think and talk the better."
Darui: "So now it's me vs the two of you! Things are not going to be.....this will be interesting!"
Kinkaku: "Watch your tongue, watch you thoughts, you will slip sooner or later kid! Lets go Ginkaku!"
Darui with an angry expression: "You bastards!"
Darui picks up the rope with which the souls are extracted.
Kinkaku: "You don't know how to use that kid, even if you did you've got no chakra."
Darui: "We'll see."
After a fierce fight Darui manages to use the rope on them and use the 7 star sword on them. Now it's the question of who will say their favorite word first.
Ginkaku: "Hahaha. This is interesting. Well what now?"
Darui (thinking): "I'm almost out of chakra, I need to make these two talk about things."
Darui: "The two of you are really strong. You are stronger than me and people expect me to be raikage one day."
Ginkaku: "Yeah, for sure."
Kinkaku: "Shut up, can't you see he's done. He's trying to trick us into talking."
Darui: "So whats your favorite food?"
Kinkaku: "Haha, you're funny. Your jokes are funny kid."
Darui: "I don't need to talk with you to win. You two are piss weak. I think I'll just blast you with my laser element like I already did a couple of time."
Ginkaku: "You have no chakra! You are so weak! You a raikage?"
Ginkaku gets sealed.
Darui: "haha what a moron."
Kinkaku: "You bastard! Brother!"
Kinkaku gets sealed.
Darui: "So even a monster like you cared for his brother. Now what? If only I could get Samui and her brother out somehow?"


Naruto 528 : Back-up is on the Way
Status: Prediction/Spoiler
by: REK

Darui in his mind (Shakes! I have to stay focus and not to say the word Dull, or I'm be finished).

Kinkaku: Come on say it and I'll your miserable life.

Ginkaku: it seems this one has stop yapping, knowing he is going to join his comrade.

Darui makes a special sealing technique (Snake Boar Ram Rabbit Dog Rat Bird Horse Snake) Tekko Fuin - Iron Armor Seal.

Kinkaku Ginkaku: Oh! You learned how to use the 2nd Raikage's Technique, not bad kid, you have to have a large amount of Chakra to be able to use it, or you'll loose your life for nothing.

Darui (He wants me to say my taboo word to Seal me now that he marked me, but i have to be careful, I mustn't forget that they have the 9 Tailed Chakra with brutal force and increased speed).

Switching Seen to: The Supreem Commander General Raikage

Raikage: So you think you could find away to stop the Golden & Silver Brother?

Godaime: Don't under estimate our Shinobis aseptically the Nara Clan, they are good at concocting strategies even when they are in a criticalposition.

Shikaku Nara: Yes, I do have away to end their movement.

Switching Seen to: The 4 previews Kages

4th Kasekage: So my son has been made 5th Kasakage, he made a lot of friend that wasn't expect from the Demon Shikaku, he used the third eye to spot us.

2nd Tsushikage: Oh! now wonder he was able to find me it was his technique.

3rd Raikage: What ever, we must move forward, are weal is binder by the 2nd Hokage Technique.

2nd Tsushikage: It seems that the 2nd Hokage couldn't be Summoned, he may have been sealed in a time

2nd Misukage: Let's get going, and start killing

4th Kasakage: ……..

Switching Seen to: Naruto's training

Naruto in his mind (Yamato is late, what the Hell happened to him? Where is he?) Damn it.

Killer Bee: Naruto stop mumbling and continue with the training. (I wonder how the war is going?)

Naruto: Yes sear, Weeeheee I mastered it.

Killer Bee: Good job boy, now will go to the next phase

Naruto: What we haven't done with it? I want to learn an other new technique

Killer Bee: what I met, is I'm going to teach you how to make sealing techniques, you have a large satima, so you won't have any problem to master it

Naruto: Oh right! Cool!



Naruto 528 : The Storm Clouds Have Vanished
Status: Prediction / Spoiler
by: K.Z. Wolf

Chapter cover-It's of Kinkaku and Ginkaku

Chapter starts off with Kinkaku and Ginkaku doing their thing. Darui finds out how Samui lost. Darui is about to lose.

Scene changes to Kakashi and that. Kakashi shows a new move, with the help of Sai another Swordsmen is caught. Fuguki is the one caught.

Scene changes to Kankuro. Everyone who was with him before is now dead. He was able to escape but lost Deidara. He then goes off.

Scene changes to Kurotsuchi. She's fighting the Zetsus along with Karui and some unnamed people.

Scene changes back to Darui, he's losing. He is about to be finished until Kitsuchi comes out of nowhere and saves him. Darui smirks and says it's about time they got there. With Kitsuchi is Shino, Neji, Hinata, Kiba, Hana, and unnamed people. Hinata notices Hiashi and Hizashi battling, she tells Neji. Kitsuchi tells everyone in his division to spread out and help take down the Edo Tensei.

Neji and Hinata go where Hiashi and Hizashi are, the tension in the air is thick.

Kiba and Hana go over to where Chouza and Tenten are, who are fighting against Asuma and Dan, Asuma askes Kiba how's he's doing, Kiba makes a joke and Asuma laughs, Kiba gets serious and tells Asuma that Shikimaru and the others are doing well too, Asuma smiles and says that he wish he could see them now.

Shino sticks around with Kitsuchi. Kitsuchi tells Shino to get ready to use the sealing jutsu.

Side text-Kitsuchi and Shino have a plan, but will it work?

Chapter ends

Be it spoilers, predictions or confirmed spoilers, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it!

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