Feb 24, 2011

Email Subscription or Feeds for a Specific Category or Label in Blogger

This little blog of mine has a simple email subscription widget in my sidebar.  If you like what I'm doing and you wanted to be kept posted on everything I blog, you can actually just subscribe to my blogs.  Upon doing this, you can receive all updates on any article that I publish in my blog.

A nice idea, right?
You will have the luxury of checking my blog through your emails.

But what happens if you as the  avid reader only wants to receive updates on specific "labels" or "categories" only?  This question often arises on Blogs with no specific niche - just like JackDi.com of course.  He-he-he!

I have actually asked myself about this too.

And right now, I have finally found the answer!  All we need to do actually is just to find your blog feed url or blog feed address of that specific category or label.

Here is what you should do:


Email Subscriptions or Feeds 
for a Specific Category or Label 
in Blogger

First and foremost, you must choose which of the categories or labels you want to have a specific eMail Subscription or Feeds.  For my case, among my 29 labels/categories, I have specifically chosen 4 only.  That would be "Manga", "Spoilers", "Cebu Pacific Promos" and "AirPhil Express".  For this article, lets just use Manga as my chosen specific label.

Secondly, take note of the link address of the specific label that you want.

For the label "Manga", the link url is:  http://www.jackdi.com/search/label/Manga.  

And let say we will also do the same for "Cebu Pacific Promos", the link url is:  http://www.jackdi.com/search/label/Cebu%20Pacific%20Promos.

Third, just fill up the this format :  http://www.YourBlogURL.com/feeds/posts/default/-/yellow

For example, for the label "Manga", my blog feed address would be:

For the label "Cebu Pacific Promos", my blog feed url would be:

Now that we got all we need - the blog's category/label feed url - we are ready to go.  We can just burn this using feed burning systems like Google FeedBurner or any other system.  Or you can also give this RAW to you subscribers or readers.

There you go!  Looks easier than we thought.

Just in case you wanna see my output, here it is: Subscription Forms

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