Jan 8, 2011

My Work Station :D

I have just started my freelance work.  Proof of that is the "first blog earnings" that I have published earlier.  Some of my friends in the online community has bragged about their home workstations.  Theirs are pretty awesome.  Some got 2 units LCD Monitors and a laptop complete with a printer and a telefax machine. Their computers are running on dual core gigs, and some on i5.

At one time, one of them asked me how mine looked like.  I just gave a grin and a burst of laughter from the heart!

Even my online teammates had asked me how me and my workstation looked like.  In fact, one of them, a student and a writer, has given her own impression of it.  She said, it might looked like this:

Earn from Blogging

Not bad...  I just wish it can get closer to this.  :-)

Well, here is my humble work station - the real one.  :)

Jack Di's Workstation
my bedspace, my sofa, my worksation!

Picture above is take from my Nokia X3 of which I bought from my freelance earnings.

As what you can see, it is just a sofa-bed with a nice hand-me-down beddings.  Only the wooden laptop table makes my little bedspace a work station!  My lappy is an Acer brand running on i3 processor with 2gigs of RAM.

...just good enough for me.

I am working as a full-time accountant.  Hence, I could only do my freelance work after office hours.  Basically, its the time before I go to sleep.  Yeah, its really a just a bedspace.  There are 3 of us in the room.  One of them is also a part-time freelance web developer.  The other one is a part-time freelance flash developer.   And like me, both are also fully employed and has a daytime job.

For me, whatever type of workstation you have, as long as you could deliver your output on time, it wouldn't matter.  Don't you agree with me?

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