Jan 4, 2011

Finally got a new cellular phone

I have been wanting to change to a new phone.

My preference has always been Sony Ericsson, as I have always been an SE fan.  I have been holding on to my black SE T250 for two years.  And I believe its about time that I get a new one.

Being an SE Fan, I actually been eyeing on Sony Elm.  By the time I inquired about Sony Elm, they said the it has already been phased-out!  What !?! I freaked out!  Such a great phone being phased-out...  Or shall way say, I had waited too long that I has to be phased already.


And so I ended up buying Nokia X3-02.  Not bad really.   I mean, not bad for an SE Fan like me to switch to Nokia.  For the specs of this phone, you may just refer to the Nokia website

♦  My primary purpose of getting a new phone is just to get a little upgrade.

♦  Secondarily, I'm also aiming for the 5mp camera that it has.

♦  Third, I also wanna browse online using my new cellphone... update my blog, read my fave manga, watch tv series, check on airline promos, watch little movies, and the likes.

♦  And fourth, I was planning to setup a new blog on the camera shots taken from my new 5mp phone.

Yeah yeah, I always do things with real reasons.  Im not an impulse buyer.  Buying it at US$190 is a pretty good deal for me.  After all, I bought this from my earnings on article writing.  He-he-he!


  1. This cellular phone look very beautiful have many extra features to capture with 5MP camera quality. No problem with their speed because have a good processor.

  2. Yeah. I realized that too. Its a great phone indeed.

    Thanks for droppin' by.

    - Jack -


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