Dec 7, 2010

Naruto 520 : The Secrets of Edo Tensei (CONFIRMED Spoiler)

Naruto 520
Naruto 520 : Spoilers
Naruto 520 : Predictions
Naruto 520 : Confirmed Spoiler
Naruto 520 : Raw Scans


Naruto 520
Naruto 520 : Spoilers
Naruto 520 : Predictions
Naruto 520 : Confirmed Spoiler
Naruto 520 : Raw Scans


Naruto 520
The Secrets of Edo Tensei
Verification: Confirmed
Credits: ohana, saladesu
Source: 2ch, MH

Jump cover - Madara's face in the shadows and in front is half of frizzy Naruto
Lead color - Naruto foing Fuuton Rasen Shuriken, Madara making an imposing pose, Kabuto

Naruto 520 : The Secrets of Edo Tensei
Frizzy Naruto making the bijuu rasengan

An almost-impossible jutsu...

Bijuu rasengan explodes, Naruto collapses
Bee: This is just the tip of the iceberg ♪ You've got 95% black, 5% white ♪ It looks easy but is unexpectedly difficult ♪
Naruto: I don't get it all when you suddenly throw all this + and - and black and white chakra and numbers at me! I'm the tactile type who remembers by doing! Besides, this rasengan is so heavy, I have no choice but to support it in two hands or it'd go out of whack... I can't be worrying about little details like that! This bijuu rasengan!! I'll just do it as many times as I need to get it! I'll do it, and do it and do it! I'll throw my whole self into doing this!
Bee: ...
Naruto stands, and his two hands hurt. They're covered in wounds. Naruto: Owww...
Bee: It may be impossible when you're in your human form... It's hard labour ♪ Take a break for a while, the wounds on your hands are the backlash from the jutsu ♪
Naruto: I told you I couldn't be worrying about little details!
Bee: ...
Naruto becomes frizzy: Eight-tails old man! Watch until I get it to the 8:2 ratio, and when it's just right, tell me! I'll remember it by feel!
Bee: What a stubborn guy. Got it ♪ Everything I said to you is self-admonishment ♪

Anko: Ugh
Madara: That woman, it seems she is still alive
Kabuto: This woman was compatible with Orochimaru-sama's curse seal, and has some of Orochimaru-sama's chakra in her body. We can't kill her yet.
Madara: That's no good... Let's end her life here. This woman has seen the real location of the hide-out and entrance
Kabuto: There is a need to suck Orochimaru-sama's chakra for collection while she is alive... You can call my body Orochimaru-sama's body, if you like... It's necessary for me to increase my power. If I do that, the power involved in using Edo Tensei will also be stronger, and more importantly... This jutsu uses the body of live humans... That's why I'm saying to keep this woman alive. It's beneficial for you, too, to increase our battle power, right? Or am I wrong?
Madara: A friend today, and enemy tomorrow... Perhaps... It's possible that something beneficial to you may turn out to be otherwise to me
Kabuto: It seems that you still do not trust me. So what must I do?
Madara: Edo Tensei... Does it really use live bodies? Explain that right here. Also, explain everything about that jutsu! Of course, that includes the way to stop it!
Kabuto glares at Madara: And if I say no?
Madara: Then you will never get what you desire, and on top of that, that which you desire will change entirely. To your own life!
Kabuto: (It'd be bad to fight the Rinnegan here... I still have a trump card... I don't need to rush...) Fine... But there is nobody we can sacrifice here... Since you said not to use this woman
Madara uses his teleportation thingy and brings forth Fuu and Torune
Kabuto: These people are, if I remember...
Madara: Danzou's dogs. Ever since I caught them, I've been using Sharingan to cast a genjutsu on them
Madara strangles Torune by the neck from behind, and kills Torune by breaking the neck (TN: Ohana is unsure if the neck was broken)
Kabuto: You have no mercy, do you...
Madara: Now, the ingredients for your jutsu are ready... Now use this one (Fuu) and use Edo Tensei to ressurect the one I just killed!
Kabuto puts Anko aside and pulls out a scroll and grabs Torune by the tail: ... I'll say this first, this is classified under Kuchiyose no Jutsu...
Kabuto stabs a kunai into Torune's stomach: ... Summoning the dead person's soul from that world, that pure world... Into this world, this impure world (TN: remember that "edo" in Edo Tensei means "impure world")... For this purpose, you need a portion of the human you wish to resurrect... A fixed amount of his body is required
There is blood on Kabuto's face, it looks like he is handling Torune...
Kabuto: A portion of the body containing personal information (DNA).
Kabuto places a piece of meat on the scroll + stabs his own hand with a kunai
Kabuto: Without doing all this, you can't use Edo Tensei. And those who are not in the pure world... That is, those whose souls are sealed into a different world, they too cannot be ressurected via Edo Tensei
Once upon a time, Orochimaru-sama tried to Edo Tensei Yondaime, but he failed. This is because he had already been sealed by Shiki Fuujin and his soul in possession of the shinigami. And... When Konoha was attacked... Sandaime Hiruzen also used the same sealing jutsu. And he brought the soul of Shodaime and Nidaime with him, so...
Madara: In other words, you're saying that you can't use Edo Tensei to resurrect any of the kage from Shodaime til Yondaime?
Kabuto: Yeah... I tried to ressurect a whole lot of people, though... But it's really difficult to get hold of DNA...
Kabuto places the scroll on the ground, and the jutsu formula (TN: like alchemy circles in FMA?) appear on the ground
Kabuto: That's equivalent to searching for a corpse, you see... If they're all rotten, I can't tell who they are. I made a lot of failed ones, too
Madara: This is the jutsu formula, huh...
Kabuto links his hands as Fuu who in the center of the jutsu formula begins to writhe
Fuu: Guaaaaa!
Kabuto: Like this, a living person becomes a container for the dead person's soul. And with that, we have the completion of Edo Tensei
Torune lies there half-dead
Kabuto: You can even consider this jutsu the greatest and strongest jutsu in all of the Ninja world!
Torune: Th... This is!?
Kabuto: Nidaime conceptualized it, Orochimaru-sama completed it. It is the greatest inheritance left to this world!
Kabuto stabs a kunai with a tag on it into Torune's head: This tag suppresses its character and makes it such that as long as the person is given any orders, he will have his powers from when he was alive and he will be undying, and become a pawn of mine who listens only to my orders. Of course, rare powers like the Sage of 6 path's Rinnegan or Itachi's sharingan are also retained... Just that... I couldn't find Shisui's body anywhere, and Jiraiya's body was in the deep sea, where the water pressure is to great for a human to enter. If you want Danzou's right eye or Sage of 6 paths Pain and the rest as weapons, first we need their DNA...
Madara: Don't get on your high horse just yet...
Kabuto: ... Well whatever... I have enough game pieces...
Madara: This jutsu is just too convenient... There must be some risk involved
Kabuto: Kukuku...
There is a list of names on the scroll

Where Inoichi-san is
Ao: Without Aburame Muta's intel, I had missed out on sensing... A large army is passing by underfoot! I'm extending the sensor radius further underground! Those guys... They intend to pass by this regiment by going underground! Do they intend to attack the allied forces from behind?
Raikage: Use Doton to dig them up!
Tsuchikage: Get in touch with Kitsuchi
Inoichi has something that looks like a perm machine on his head: Intelligence dept, hurry and get this info to Kitsuchi
Intel dept 1st division, this guy also has the perm machine on his head: It's here!
Inoichi: Good...
Intel dept 2nd div: Intel! Finally!
Allied forces, 2nd division captain, Kurotsuchi
Subordinate: Enemies total about 20,000. Coordinates 25, 30 underground! (TN: sorry I don't really get the coordinates thing)
Kurotsuchi: They're here!!

Zabuza, Haku are jumping from tree to tree. Sai's birds, holding explosive tags, approaches in midair and explode
Kankurou: We'll keep going at them one after another! Zaji, send a signal flare!!
Zaji: OK!!!
Zaji sends up the signal flare (looks like a smoke candle)

Kakashi: A red signal flare... It's the surprise attack squad. Let's move!
Gai: Mmm!

Haku uses his jutsu and is in a ball of ice with Zabuza
haku: Are you alright, Zabuza-san?
Zabuza: You're using your jutsus wastefully, aren't you, Haku
Zabuza watches as the other Edo Tensei ninja with them regenerate
Zabuza: This Edo Tensei... Dead people just can't die, it seems... I don't like this jutsu, either

Kabuto: What's the most spectacular about this jutsu... Is that there is no risk whatsoever to the user!

Akatsuki vs Shinobi allied forces, a real war!!
The end


Naruto 520
Status: Confirmed
Credits: Watasaki

"That jutsu"
Naruto creates the exact percentage.
Create a beast ball.
8 tails: The only difference is the tail of the beast mode is different from the spiral is that it can throw
Naruto is throwing the ball
Turtle Island is a huge die
1000 km radius of the explosion crater formed
The explosion, in the death of anyone caught
Ninja 100 000 troops, including the entire Zetsu
Tail Naruto - survived the beast form for
Only Naruto, Sasuke and Madara remained
Play out
Spotted repentance
Used to revive the cycle of oner


Naruto 520 
Spoiler Prediction
Verification: PENDING
Credits: Silverblade

Killerbee: Alright modaffattcaa! First thing is first you gather that ball of energy!
Naruto: Alright. Here I go!
Naruto holds out his hand a chakra arm of the Kyuubi protrudes from his shoulder blades to levitate over Naruto's palm.
A mixture of black and white occurs.
Killerbee: Don't it burst! Keep at it!
Naruto and Kyuubi's chakra are synthesizing into this grey sphere and it just hovers in Naruto's palm.
Killerbee: Sweet you got it! Now Naruto!
Naruto: What do I do?!
Naruto thrusts his palm forth and a powerful blast erupts from his palm.
Killerbee: ?!!!
Samehada quivers in fear.

A huge explosion lets off in the distance.
Naruto's face lights up in joy.
Killerbee: No. You did it wrong, but that blast was sure strong!
Killerbee: Ya see tha trick here is when its black you release it, but when its grey its more like nay. Somehow you have a special chakra to make it pack a punch!
Naruto: Okay.
Naruto does the process over again and it becomes black. He tries to hold it, but then the energies separate. Naruto is sent back flying
Killerbee: Remember. 8:2 Ratio. Use more of the beasts chakra instead of yours.
Naruto: Right!

- Scene switches to Kakashi -
Kakashi is leaping through the forest with the woods. Suddenly a thick mist develops.
Shinobi 1: Mist jutsu?!
Shinobi 2: I'll dispel it. -Makes a seal-
A demonic figure with sharp hair appears from behind and grasps a hold of the Shinobi's neck.
Shinobi 2: Zabuza of the mist?! -Zabuza then snaps his neck-
Zabuza: Fool.
Kakashi: !!!
Kakashi summons Pakkun and the rest of the dogs.
Kakashi: ... Something strange is going on in this mist.
Pakkun: Sniff Sniff...
Pakkun: What? Zabuza returned?
Kakashi: That jutsu again.
Kakashi thinking: I'll trap them with my sealing techniques. Knives on the other hand can help me out as well.

- Scene switches to Squad 3 -
They seem to be lost in the mist..
Lee: This is a thick mist.
Zabuza: Not like your eyebrows.
Lee: ?!! Naruto?
Zabuza appears behind Lee.
Zabuza: That was an insult. How dare you...
Kakashi appears and drives his Raikiri into Zabuza's chest. The mist clears out..
Zabuza: Kakashi... You're still alive. Damn it.
Kakashi: Lee. He's not alone. Look out.
Lee: Okay! Come on Gai Sensei..
Haku: Not so fast.
Haku traps Gai and Lee into an Igloo of Ice.
Kakashi: ?!!!
Six of the shinobi are taken down by Haku's needles.
Haku steps from the shadows..
Haku: I've been perfecting my techniques in the afterlife.
Zabuza then rams his Elbow into Kakashi's Jawline knocking him back a few feet.
Haku hurls a slew of needles towards Kakashi. But then Knives emerge out of nowhere to deflect the on coming onslaught.
Knives: A hyouton user.. This won't be easy Kakashi.

- Scene switches -
Sasuke: I am tired of waiting. I need my revenge. I take orders from NO ONE!
Zetsu: But Sasuke. Madara said..
Zetsu: ....
Sasuke removes half of his bandages and uses the Sharingan...
Sasuke's eye is to be reveal as.. a Rinnen'gan with Three Tomoes..
Sasuke: I am invincible!!
Zetsu: Those eyes... That is what Madara was trying to achieve throughout his whole life!!
Sasuke: Shall you be my first victim? IF not. Take me to the elders now.

-Next time: Sasuke's Return-

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