Nov 30, 2010

Naruto 519 : Tailed Beast Ball (CONFIRMED Spoiler)

Naruto 519 
Tailed beast ball
Credits: Ohana
Verification: Confirmed
Translation: shounensuki & thabor

Kankuro’s victorious spirit.

Sasori: …

Kankuro: A puppet errand boy not a mastermind! You’re fool who pulls his own strings. I’ve also defeated you in willpower haven’t I? The same Sasori whom masterminded many original ninja puppets. Your art… The puppets you created won’t rot. That spirit dwells within to be received by another generation!

So.. That is your idea of art..?

Deidara: You’ve got to be f_@_king with me! Master ah that pleading isn’t fooling anyone. Yeah. Art is a blast ah !

Sasori: …I created a dwelling for that spirit? (Sasori gradually then in large pieces begins crumbling).

Sasori: I’m certain… Kankuro…

Kankuro: What’s that?

Sasori: I’m looking forward to returning to Father and Mother. I entrust the puppets of my Father and Mother to you. Furthermore, when your time comes, entrust them both to the next person. (Sasori collapses)

Kankuro: Yeah.. Of course I understand

Deidara: Hey! Sasori’s Master ah!

because you’ll be dead before you know it! I actually negotiated with my bijū for the chakra exchange. The Kyūbi isn’t the type for that. Furthermore, the Kyūbi’s chakra is limited, because you took it from the Kyūbi in a tug of war.”
Naruto: “…Man, the risk is huge… And despite this, I cannot even use the jinchūriki’s supreme technique…?”
Hachibi: “Well, let’s just give up on the Bijū Ball… Training your special technique further is a better idea.”
Naruto: “Bijū Ball? What kind of technique is that?”
Hachibi: “It’s quite simple. You use shape transformation on your own chakra to accumulate it in your mouth and compress it, before firing it.”
Naruto: “That’s…”
Hachibi: “It feels just like vomiting”
Naruto: “The let’s try it in this mode.”
hachibi: “It’s impossible if you’re not changed into your bijū. Let me explain it first… Turn back B…”
B comes back out. “It’s no use… I’m giving up. Nothing left to do but try your special move in your Bijū Chakra mode… Diligently♪”
Naruto: “If I can’t use Kage Bunshin, the Rasengan isn’t suited for this mode. I have to concentrate on releasing the chakra and rotating and compressing it. I need two pairs of hands for the shape transformation…”
B: “The bijū chakra feels the same as your own hands and feet♪ They’re like illusionary versions of your real hands and feet♪”
Naruto: “I see… Like that, hm.”
Naruto makes a hand appear behind his back.
B: “That’s a nice performance♪ Now have a go at your special technique like this. You’re nearing success♪”
Naruto: “Alright!! Rasengan!! Eh?!”
B: “!?” (That’s…!!)
Naruto: “Uwa!!”
The Rasengan unravels and Naruto returns to his normal form.
B: (That technique! It’s just like a Bijū Ball! Fool!! Bastard!!)
“Hey, Naruto… That technique. What idiot taught you that?!!”
Naruto: “Eh?! Ehm… Ero-Sennin… Ah, right! Jiraiya-sensei… It was created by the Yondaime Hokage, though!”
B: “…!!” B’s shoulder trembles. (The Yondaime Hokage…!! How unexpected… Is this Fate?! A miracle♪)
B: “Rasengan! That’s just like performing a Bijū Ball! Commonness♪ A technique invented by referencing to the Bijū’s technique! That’s what Rasengan is! It’s as if the Bijū Ball was entrusted to you!! Lucky♪ It’s simple when you’re in Bijū form, but in human form, the shape transformation is so difficult, it’s nearly impossible. However, there’s a way to increase the stability while rotating the chakra!!”
Naruto: “But I didn’t even succeed in doing a Rasengan properly…”
B: “Bijū chakra is a combination of plus chakra and minus chakra… a balance! When you compress it, the balance between white and black should be 8:2, before turning it inro a sphere! Try it!”
Naruto: “Alright!”

Towards Naruto’s new technique!!

The end


Naruto 519
Naruto 519 : Spoilers
Naruto 519 : Predictions
Naruto 519 : Confirmed Spoilers
Naruto 519 : Raws

Naruto 519
Anko's Tactic
Spoilers / Prediction
Verification: PENDING
Credits: Kevinyu

Kankurou: It is over, Sasori-sama
Deidara: Shit! It has only began you fool
Sasori: Shut up... At last I can move my body freely
Deidara: ... Yeah, we're free, let's finish this
Sasori: No, not anymore, remember, we were just brought back here in this world, that we're not a part of anymore
Kankurou: So you two, shall disappear forever
Deidara: F_@_k! Weakling lucky Puppeteer
Sasori: Enough, Deidara. Kankurou, I would like to thank you and your troops for freeing us, at last I and Deidara can rest in peace forever, do the same with Akatsuki, the fallen members were all revived.
Kankurou: I will, Sasori-sama

Deidara and Sasori disappear.

At Madara's HQ

Kabuto: Subduing you was, literally, easy
Anko: ... You took control of Orochimaru's powers eh
Kabuto: No, I'll take control of this world
Anko: So funny to think, that a Sannin would stoop down that low to get someone's body
Kabuto: Eh? I injected his cells into my body, don't talk as if you know anything
Anko: I was his student way back your clan got exterminated, you're doomed to be dominated.
Kabuto: I have total control of his powers, got everything he learned and surpassed it, haha. Only my physical appearance has changed
Anko: That jutsu was designed to take over the mind and the soul of someone who's been a target for that! As a young child watching Orochimaru experiment, it was one of the first jutsus he created.
Kabuto: ... Enough of that bullshit. I'll use you as a subject to my experiment
Anko: I see, you're more crazy than Orochimaru now.
Kabuto: This was not designed to kill you, it'll only make you powerful, I'll inject some of my DNA to you.
Anko: You won't succeed...
Kabuto: Let's say that I joined this group to f_@_k it, so, I'll be doing it, for the Shinobi Alliance.
Anko: !
Kabuto: Kuku, those Edo Tenseis that I summoned were easy to destroy. And being Orochimaru's former student you should have a bit of him.

-Two snakes come out from his sleeve and both bite Anko and puts him to sleep-

Kabuto: Kukuku...


Naruto 519
Naruto's Training Complated
Spoilers / Prediction
Verification: PENDING
Credits: Forlong

Konkuro: Kiri, tend the wounded. Ittan, send a message to the forward command that we're in position.
Deidara: You think you've won. Hmmm. It doesn't matter how much lightning you pump into me. I'll find a way out. I'll make you all works of art! ART IS A BLAST!
Ittan: Arg! Seal them now, Tango. I'm sick of his shrilling voice.
Omoi: Just give me a sec to make sure he won't be able to explode.

Cut to Naruto and Killer Bee.

Motoi: Such incredible power. If Naruto keeps this up...
[showing Naruto with rubble all around him]
Motoi: ...he could surpass Killer Bee soon.
Killer Bee: Nice work, foo'.
Naruto: Hey, there's something I want to try.
Killer Bee: ???
Naruto: You see, Jiraiya taught me this jutsu, but no one has ever been able to complete it. I might be able to with the Kyuubi's chakra.
Motoi: You mean you were trained by one of the legendary Sanin of the Leaf!?
Killer Bee: Of course, Jiraiya-sama is no idiot. He knows a jem when he sees it.
Naruto: All I go.
[Motoi and Killer Bee look shocked at what they see]
Motoi: That's...
Killer Bee: I've seen it once before. Only tried by one person, and not more. She was almost a perfect Jinchuriki. Kushina Uzumaki almost matched me.
Motoi: Uzumaki? Then she's...? Naruto must be her...
Motoi (thinking): Crap. With this training almost over he'll have no reason to stay here. And I don't think we can keep him here.

Cut to Gaara.

Messenger: Gaara-sama, Shikamaru-sempai, the Ambush Division is in place.
Shikamaru (thinking): "Shikamaru-sempai"?
Gaara: Good, make sure all Generals know.
Messenger: Yes, sir.
Shikamaru: Look, up ahead.
[an army of dead are in front of them]
Asuma: Shikamaru? Is that you?
Shikamaru: ??? Asuma...?
Asuma: Shikamaru, I'm sorry.
Shinobi #1: What's going on?
Shinobi #2: Is that my brother?
Gaara: Don't give up. Kabuto has bound the souls of our fallen comrades to dead bodies. We have to liberate them. ATTACK!
[Shikamaru pulls out his trench knives]
Asuma: So that's what you did with them. I hope you're good enough with them.

Cut to Kankuro and co.

Sai: They are properly contained now?
Kankuro: Yes, now we just need to keep an eye out for--
[an explosion cuts Kankuro off]
Chuukichi: It seems you have defeated the Leaf ROOT member and sealed up Sasori and Deidara. I am sorry, but I'm going to have to kill you.
Sai: More of them?
Kankuro: Everyone get ready!


My say... both are good predictions!  What do you think?



Naruto 519 is already out!
Read it here.


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