Nov 5, 2010

My Blog's First Earnings

I'm so happy!

It's only been 6 months since I started blogging.
And I have finally made an earning out of it.

I actually just want to blog on an airline and their airfare promos which I usually take.  Then I just write about things I like - anything that is.  I am not a born writer but I have a lot of ideas that I want to write about.

One day, an SEO Angel came to me and ask me to write an article about one of her clients.  So I did - and I published it free of charge.  I didn't mind because the article topic was very interesting to me.

My SEO Angel was happy with the outcome and gave me some topics to write.  This time, it's a sponsored post project!  I have written a lot.  But due to the very tight time frame, I had to ask a few friends to help me out.  I gave them their fair share of the pie for helping me out - sharing the blessings so to speak.

So here it is!  She actually paid me US$ 240.  Less out PayPal's charges, hence, I received US$230.34 net.  My very first earning from blogging!

I hope that my SEO Angel will drop-by again with a load of articles to write.  :-)


  1. Salamat Bai!

    Ikaw pod... daku na pod siguro ka og earnings sa inyong Adsense Sharing with YJOB noh?

    Congrats pod!

    - Jack

  2. congrats bro.. at least bawi na ang investment nga time and money...

  3. Lagi Master Freeze. Bawi jud. Salamat kaayo sa pagbisita diri. :D


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