Nov 2, 2010

Hajime no Ippo : Ippo vs PacMan - Possible?

Hello guys!

As one of Ippo Makunochi's fan, I am wondering if there would be a chance for the PacMan and Ippo to fight in this manga series : Hajime no Ippo.

Manny Pacquiao vs Ippo Makunochi

One the latest episode [ep 911], Itagaki won over Karasawa in a scary lightning fast technique!  While Ippo was concerned about Itagaki's fight, Itagaki himself is more concern on his Sempai's belt.  There might be a chance that Itagaki will fight with Ippo.

But my bet is, Itagaki doesn't need to.

Hajime no Ippo manga series has be featuring famous real-life boxers from all over the world.  So my bet is that Ippo will be challenging the #1 Pound for Pound Boxer in the Planet - Manny Pacqiao!.  He-he-he!  This is more on ..."I wish!" actually.  Win or lose, Ippo might relinquesh his current belt.  Thus, Itagaki will have it without fighting his Sempai.

What do you think?


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