Oct 17, 2010

Taylor Herring - Fame Generation for Brands

From Slumdog Millionaire to The Lovely Bones, BAFTA to the High School Musical European Premier, Taylor Herring Public Relations has done it all.

Founded by Cath Taylor, who has worked on the film launch of the most well-known movies like The Lion king and Interview With A Vampire, this PR company makes taking on high profile projects look seemingly effortless. The company’s name is actually the result of Taylor having teamed up with James Herring, another PR expert, forming the now invincible Taylor Herring Public Relations.

High-profile projects
Whether these are live events, film or book launches, the services of Taylor Herring assure only the best results. The most recent projects the company has handled include the successes of the Fiat 500 Pink Launch, the Panasonic Lumix outdoor tour exhibition, as well as the MySpace Music re-launch. Other big names the agency has worked with are Catherine Tate, Russel Brand and Robbie Williams. Not bad eh?

Traffic and Viewership
Taylor Herring specializes in creating online traffic for greater viewership and therefore a rise in audience interest, ensuring their clients of much needed access to more viewers and of course, relentless exposure. Over the years, the agency has handled publicity for all sectors, from Gaming to concerts, sports and yes even Kids and Teen Brands. Agreeably, there is simply nothing they can’t do when it comes to generating publicity. This is evident from the highly coveted awards Taylor Herring has come to amass over many years of successful campaigns, which includes the Promax Award for Best PR Campaign in 2009.

Taylor Herring currently holds top billing in the world of publicity and popular culture, influencing millions with their unquestionable expertise in creating high impact campaigns for almost everything. As one of UK’s top 10 fastest growing companies amongst all sectors, Taylor Herring has changed the game of publicity and marketing, and that’s just one of their major achievements with many more still to come.

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