Oct 2, 2010

HTML Color Code Generator

Recognizing colors is definitely easy.  A person can identify colors right away by just looking at it.  But in website development, there is a big twist.  Almost all websites, including blogs, use HTML color codes to use specific colors.  We can always use the  HTML Color Code Chart (posted earlier).  Browse over to see which colors you would like to apply into your blog or website.

Another faster option is use an HTML Color Code Generator.   Here it is, try it!

HTML Color Code Generator

How to use it:

1.  Under the Hue Bar, point and click on the color base that you like.

2.  After choosing the base color hue, the box for saturation/brightness will also change accordingly.  So, specify which saturation/brightness you like best.  To do this, just click anywhere in the box.  You can see the final color in the Swatch Bar.

3.  The HTML color code is generated in the "hex box".  Just copy the code excluding the "#" and paste it in the page where you like it to be.

 Looks pretty easy to me!

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