Oct 16, 2010

Hajime no Ippo 907 - Raw

My favorite boxing manga - Hajime no Ippo - is stuck at Episode 906.  I dont know what happened.  I was able to scavenged some raw manga scans of Hajime no Ippo 907.  It's complete but untranslated.  I could post the whole set of raw scans.  But professionally, I should not do it that way.  What I did though is patch some parts of it into one so that we I could give you more of it.

In my knowledge, any unpublished episode that comes out before the actual release is called a Spoiler.  I guess these scans will be considered spoilers then.  But I bet this will be 99% confirmed.

Anyway, here's a peek:

Hajime no Ippo 907 - Raw

If you happen to know on how to translate Japanese to English, please translate this for everybody.

: D


It is finally out!  You can now read Hajime no Ippo 907 here.

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