Oct 1, 2010

Alternative to Microsoft Office

You see, I happened to have bought a laptop that is pre-installed with Windows 7 and a trial version of Microsoft Office 2010.  And before the trial version expired, I had to look for an alternative for this.   I am very used to using MS Office.  But I dont want to buy one for my personal use.  So instead of buying a new licence, I'd go for the FREE alternatives.

The list below is in no particular order.  To know more about them, just click on each of them.

♦  kOffice

♦  ThinkFree

♦  ZohoSuite

♦  NeoOffice

♦  Jarte

Of the above list, I picked OpenOffice first.  Again, it is free.  I tried it once, and never uninstalled the thing.  It suits me very well.  So I was not able to try the other alternatives.  Be the first to try them yourself.

Note:  In any case, I have no relation to any of the sites above.  Being a Jack of All Trades, I do enjoy doing a lot of things and at the same time choosing as to which one is beneficial to me.

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