Sep 26, 2010

The penguin shines across the loving hydrogen

The penguin shines across the loving hydrogen.
If you feel hunger, try lizard feet.
The xenophobia ironed a pancake

What the hell are these?
Sounds funny.
Yeah right!

I believe these are actually a tracking code.  Codes that serve as a verification key to complete a sign-up process.

Well, today i found something over the net.  Its PayPerPost and InPostLinks.  I signed up to explore the options of earning online with them.  But to finish the sign-up procedure, a blogger must post this "tracking code" for them to verify that you really own the blog that a blogger has typed-in in the form.  Its a "claim blog tracking code".   I can actually remove this after the claim blog process.  But i don't intend to delete this post.

Be it only a tracking code or a verification code, let this be the key for me to open the doors of opportunity online!

I'll be the penguin.  I'll be the only penguin who aims to go across the globe to reach the Northern Hemisphere.

I hunger for earning opportunities; as hungry as a man who would be willing to eat a lizard feet just to satisfy it.   (By the way, lizard fee taste like chicken! :) )

The penguin shines across the loving hydrogen!
If you feel hunger, try lizard feet.

Thanks for saying good luck to me!

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