Sep 5, 2010

my Pinaupong Manok Recipe

PINAUPONG MANOK  (Sitting Chicken)
by Jack Di

I live in a rural area. Native chicken are just grown in the backyards, roaming around freely. When i decide i want to cook one, i'll just grab one! :D Dont worry, i only grab our chicken!

So here is my very own version of Pinaupong Manok.
1 whole dressed chicken (native Bisaya chicken preferred)
Lemon Grass - cleaned

Onion Leek - cleaned
Onion Bulbs - sliced in quarters
Garlic - peeled and partially crushed
Soy Sauce (Silver Swan)
Salt, Pepper, MSG(Ajinomoto) for seasoning
Cabbage - big slices

    We also need:
    Barbeque Sticks or Banana Leaf Midribs (midribs only)
    3 cups Rock Salt
    Casserole or Pot

      1) Wash the dress chicken thoroughly.
      2) Take some cleaned onion leek, fold them and insert into the chicken. Make sure it fully blocks the opening near the neck section.
      3) Sprinkle some salt, m.s.g. and pepper inside.
      4) Put some onions in, some slices of cabbages, lemon grass, garlic, and onion leek.
      5) Sprinkle some salt and m.s.g. again.
      6) Then pour in about 5 tablespoons Silver Swan soy sauce.
      7) Seal the butt opening with onion leek again.
      8) Pour another 1/4 cub of soy sauce in a bowl. Then add 2 teaspon salt, and a pinch of msg.
      9) Rub above mixture unto the skin of the chicken. Do it generously.
      10) Set aside the fully stuffed and seasoned chicken.

      Setting the Pot up
      11) Clean and wash the banana midribs.
      12) Fold it into small lengths and lay them nicely in the pot. The objective here is for the chicken not to touch any part of pot.
      13) If using barbeque sticks, just make a simple weaving or lay them out generously baring in mind about the no-touch objective.
      14) Throw 2 to 3 handfuls of rock salt into the pot. This is the help increase the temperature inside the pot.
      15) Put the stuffed chicken in. Make sure that it is in sitting position. (There goes the name!) Breast portion is thicker and meaty, and therefore needs to be placed or position nearest to the heat source.
      16) Make some adjustments. If some parts of the chicken is touching the sides of the pot, have it padded with banana midribs or barbeque sticks. No-touch, remember.
      17) Cover pot and start cooking.
      18) To test if cooking is done, use the toothpick technique. Do the check after 20 minutes. Insert the toothpick on any meaty part of the chicken. If you see some smudge of blood on it, then cook the chicken for 10 minutes more. Then do the toothpick test again. And so on until the toothpick comes out clean.
      19) It should be cooked within 20-30 minutes.
      20) When cooked, take it out carefully and serve hot and steaming! Expected outcome is that the chicken should not be browned. You could actually smell the very delicious and mouthwatering aroma. The Pinaupong Manok should be juicy and tender.


      This recipe looks lenghty, but is actually very simple to do.

      Note:  If you thought it was already cooked and have started eating it, and then you found out some uncooked blood in the joints/bones, just microwave it on hi for 5 minutes.

      I'll highly appreciate some comments or questions.


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