Sep 23, 2010

Inday sa Balitaw (lyrics & musical notes)

This my daughter's assignment. She is currently in primary 4 (grade 4). Their music teacher asked them to copy the music sheet of the song Inday sa Balitaw from the board and instructed them to transcribe the notes.

Sounds easy, right?

The thing is, the students were not taught on how to transcribe notes. Not yet as of the moment. There was a clue give though. The teacher told them that the first note is "so". And then ask them to follow-on from there.

My daughter almost cried as she does not know how to transcribe notes. She knows how to Google anyway. But she couldn't find what she wanted for her assignment. Lyrics were available all over the net, but not the transcription. Some more, most of the lyrics over the net got a missing line.

Luckily, i knew how to do musical transcription.

I learned this way before, during my Primary 6 (grade 6) years. That was long ago... :D

To cut the story short, here is the musical transcription of my daughter's assignment. Transcription below is solely based on what was copied in my daughter's notebook. I wasn't able to find a real sheet music on this song from the internet, so the notebook was my only choice.

So here it is:


so      do    re     mi     do  re    ti   fa
B      E      F    G       E   F     D  A 
In-day, In-day sa Ba-li-taw

so       fa         fa    so     ti     so
B       A        A     B     D    B
Ka-hoy   na-ka-ha-pay,

  la        so       do  ti       ti      do
  C       D       E   D      D    E
San-dok na-ka-suk-sok,

 ti     ti      do     ti     la    la      ti
 D   D     E     D     C    C     D
Pa-la-yok na-ka-ta-ob,

     re      mi   mi   mi    la      so
    F       G   G    G     C      B
Syan-se na ba-luk-tot

 so   la     ti          do       do    re     do
 B   C     D         E       E     F      E
Si-ni-gang  na  ma-ta-bang

   ti      ti          la      ti        do    do
   D    D        C      D       E     E

Ku-lang  sa  sam-pa-lok.

Here is the song from YouTube:

If you find something erroneous on this song & transcription, please let me know.
If you have a copy of the song's Sheet Music, please email me a copy so i could correct this transcription.

To parents & guardians alike out there, i hope this helps.
Do leave some comments for me.

Thank you.


  1. Dear JACK,

    Thank you for posting the lyrics of Inday sa Balitaw. I was wondering if you also happen to know the name of the composer and/or roughly how old the song is.

    Thank you.

  2. who is the composer of inday sa balitaw and the place of origin...meaning of song?that is the project of my son please post the answer..

  3. thank you i really need this because im going to teach this one to my fellow students


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