Aug 18, 2010

Proudly Pinoy!

Hi guys!

Did you notice a new logo at the upper right side corner of my blogsite?  It is a Proudly Pinoy! logo.

Here are some facts about the logo:

What's This Logo?
Mabuhay! This "Proudly Pinoy" logo expresses pride in being Filipino. It is available for all Filipino designed or owned websites. If you are a Filipino or have a Filipino site, please support this project and express your pride of being Pinoy, by posting this logo on your Pinoy site or blog! 

Who May Use It?
Anyone who is proud to be Pinoy may use this logo on their website. It is free to use for both personal and business websites. The only requirements are (1) do not modify the logo except resizing, and (2) link the logo back to this site, so that when someone clicks on the logo, they can see this website.

How To Use the Logo?
It couldn't be easier to add the logo to your Pinoy blog or website. Choose from large, medium, or small sizes, and white or transparent backgrounds. Find the code (from below) to copy and paste onto your blog or website. 

For blogger, you just go to the Design tab.  Then click Add Gadgets, then HTML/Java Script.  From there, you paste the code that you copied from below.  Save.  Done!  :)

 For more choices on the logo, click here.




How Did This Come About?
This logo, created by Joe Talisic, and now owned by, was one of the entries in a hugely successful competition which ran from Independence Day thru July 19, 2007. Read about the judging, or browse the competition archive with 297 entries. 

I'm a certified Pinoy and I am very proud of it!

Wanna put it in your website too?

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