May 1, 2010

A blog from a JACK of all trades

Jack of All Trades   -  ...knows everything, master of nothing...

Just call me Jack.  I am a first time blogger and this is my very first blog.

I'm a self professed Jack of All Trades.  I am interested in a lot of topics and subjects.  If ever something interesting pops-up in my mind, I'd research, study it well, and eventually apply it to real life.  During my younger days, I read a lot of magazines, comics and photocopied materials.   During my high school years, when something comes-up from my head, I had the opportunity to read and research in the school mini library.  Nowadays, almost everybody got internet connection.  So the world wide web becomes a treasure of knowledge to me.  In just a click of the search button in Google, the never ending information comes in.

Did I say I am interested in a lot of subjects?  Oh yes I do.  Just name it., chess, internet, computer hardware, software, photography, online income, gardening, playing the guitar, cartoon shows, marketing and sales, movies, hydroponics, manga, chemistry, singing, forex trading, piano, anime, musical notes transcription, accounting, stocks trading, sciences, stamp collecting, engineering, ebooks, woodworking, math.... oh boy, I believe I need not have them list all here.  It might not fit in this page.   :laughs:

Primarily, I wanted to blog about the promotions of a local airline that I often fly with.  I said to myself, since I always monitor there seat sale promotions, why don't I blog about it? I could monitor and tabulate the promos  so that I may be able to see the trend of the promotions.  And at the same time, other people like me can benefit on it also.

And so I did.

After creating my first blog, things and ideas just flow freely in my head.   ...oh well....

So, here I am, trying to make a blog out of whatever pops-up!

This is a blog from a JACK of all trades.
....a blog about everything under the golden Sun...

Feel free to contact me at iam.jackdi [at]


  1. ei Jack, thanks for visiting my old blog... :)
    though I'm not sure if I will continue posting on my old wordpress site, but you're always welcome to visit my other site --> . :P


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